Advocates bitching about Glee

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It tomorrow’s episode of Glee (which I already saw and it rocked my damn socks), there’s a whole lot of stuff about wheelchairs and disabilities. Activists for people with disabilities have picked this episode as the perfect time to start complaining that the actor that portrays Artie (the kid in the wheelchair) isn’t really handicapped (I must say that I saw that actor on Monday night in Hollywood and it really freaked me out to see him sans wheels).

Activists complain that there are plenty of wheelchair-bound actors out there who should’ve gotten the job before Kevin McHale. Glee producers claim that they auditioned people in wheelchairs for the role but couldn’t find anyone as talented as Kevin McHale. (I’m glad they didn’t just give the role to a less talented person just because he was in a wheelchair in real life… I have a feeling that’s what they did on Breaking Bad with the horrifically terrible kid who plays the son and it has totally detracted from the quality of the show)

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