Advertising people getting grumpy about blurring of ad/edit line

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Some grumpy industry folks are raising a stink over the increased frequency of ads that “disrupt” editorial. Executions like the one below don’t explicitly violate ASME Guidelines, but nonetheless, there is some push coming from folks within the industry.

Has anyone seen anything indicating consumer reaction to these kinds of ads or cover ads? All of the whining and crying I’ve seen so far has been from industry people who are ticked because this isn’t the way things used to be done. And, I find it funny that they use an ad from Dwell in the article (puppy toilet paper ad below) to illustrate how things are changing. If my memory serves me correctly, Dwell did multiple disruptive ads about 5 years ago for my team when I worked on Land Rover. Nothing new here.

And another thing… isn’t it more appealing to a consumer to look at ads that compliment the editorial of a book and are artistically integrated into the magazine than it is to look at random spreads?

Source: AdAge

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