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Weekend Box Office

  1. Shrek Forever After – $25.5M ($183.2M)
  2. Get Him to the Greek – $17.6M (NEW)
  3. Killers – $15.8M (NEW)
  4. Prince of Persia – $14.0M ($59.6M)
  5. Sex & the City 2 – $12.3M ($73.1M)
  6. Marmaduke – $11.6M (NEW)
  7. Iron Man 2 – $7.9M ($291.4M)
  8. Splice – $7.4M (NEW)
  9. Robin Hood – $5.4M ($94.5M)
  10. Letters to Juliet – $3.0M ($43.3M)

Anyone else see Splice this weekend? What a trippy movie… not what I was expecting at all. Get Him to the Greek was funny but not really a worthy follow up to Forgetting Sarah Marshall in my opinion.

FOX announces expanded JagTag partnership
FOX announced to the press today that they are now making film clips and other related content available to consumers via their mobile phone. The content can be accessed by taking a snap shot of a JagTag barcode featured in Best Buy Insider Magazine or in Best Buy & Kmart store locations. JagTag barcodes are different than other similar types of barcodes because they do not require any additional applications be downloaded by the consumer and they can be used on both smartphones and regular ol’ dumb phones. (Interesting thought… we are so wrapped up in the latest and greatest technology that it’s nice to see that folks like JagTag are still very aware of the fact that a very very HUGE chunk of the country is still rocking technology from years ago)

In-theatre sees 2% growth in 2009
Advertising revenue for in-theatre advertising grew by 2% in 2009 versus 2008. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but most other media were on the decline during the same period… so I guess 2% is actually pretty darn good in 2009 terms. An important in-theatre boss guy has said that he expects a much bigger jump in 2010, citing that the first two quarters of the year were already up by double digit percentages.

FOX and CW done with this dirty upfront biz
Wow…that felt quick. FOX and CW have both concluded their upfront negotiations for the 2010/2011 broadcast year. According to possibly incorrect industry reports, FOX pulled in around $1.9 billion, bumping up their CPM around 9%. CW pulled in $350 million in ad sales and, while that sounds lame, that’s a 20% increase over last year. Ad prices for the C-Dub were an average of 7.5% higher than they were last upfront.


Simon Cowell plans to take Got Talent global
Backstage at the BAFTA TV Awards, Simon Cowell talked about his desire to launch a global competition between the winners and runner ups from some of the 36 different markets that have run their own versions of the show he created, Britain’s Got Talent. The super competition would be broadcast to an international audience and would have a prize of £1 million (about $1.4 mill US). (The Idol people tried this about 7 years ago to make “World Idol” and it pretty much sucked)

Jason O’Mara in talks to lead Terra Nova
Word on the street is that Life on Mars star Jason O’Mara has been approached to take the leading role in FOX and Steven Spielberg’s midseason sci-fi series, Terra Nova. The hiccup to landing an actor for this role (Friday Night Light’s star Kyle Chandler already supposedly turned it down) is that the actor will need to relocate to Australia to begin filming this summer (wow, touch life). As a result, the people behind the show may decide to cast a complete unknown for the lead and utilize Spielberg’s name to market the show.

Kooky black-haired girl signs multi-season contract for NCIS
5 cast members from NCIS recently entered into contract negotiations to lock in new deals with CBS. Pauley Perrette has now become the third of those actors to sign a new contract. Under the terms of her new contract, Perrette will be back for multiple seasons of zany jewelry wearing, gothic stereotyping fun.


Breakout Kings- Fox’s trash… maybe A&E’s treasure?
A lot of people were a bit surprised when the hour long drama, Breakout Kings, didn’t get picked up by FOX. The series, written by the creators of Prison Break and directed by Gavin Hood, was very well liked throughout the industry, but FOX just didn’t have the room for it. Now it looks like A&E might pick up the fallen show and bring Breakout Kings to cable.

Sneak peak of Rubicon during Breaking Bad finale
I’ll level with you… I’m not interested in the Rubicon teaser. I just wanted to include this story as an excuse to comment on how flippin’ amazing last night’s Breaking Bad was… anyone else watch? Anyways, AMC’s new original Rubicon will have a special preview during the season finale of Breaking Bad next Sunday 6/13 @ 10p.

Julia Stiles calling Dexter home for a while
Julia Stiles
(where has she been…totally thought she died or something) has joined the cast of Showtime’s Dexter, appearing in 10 episodes of the upcoming season. On the series, Stiles will play a mysterious young woman who develops a “unique” relationship with Dexter.

Disney XD renews Kick Buttowski
animated series about a kid daredevil has been renewed for another season. The sophomore season of Kick Buttowski will hit the air on Disney XD in spring of next year.

Hallmark officially unveils new programming lineup
The standard Martha Stewart Show will air weekdays beginning 9/13 from 10-11a. Following from 11-noon is a daily topical talk show hosted by Sirius XM’s Whatever hosts Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. From noon-12:30p will then be Mad Hungry with Lucinda, a food show hosted by Lucinda Scala Quinn.


Potential Newsweek buyers getting serious
Several parties have filed official declarations of interest to potentially purchase Newsweek. Among those who will now likely enter the next stage of the buying process are political media company Newsmax, private equity firm OpenGate Capital Management (they’re the ones who bought TV Guide Magazine for $1 in 2008) and a fellow named Thane Ritchie.

Self VP/Publisher bails for Sports Illustrated
After winning a ton of awards for her work at Conde Nast’s Self over the past 6 years, Kim Kelleher has been named VP/global sales over at Time Inc’s Sports Illustrated. She will fill the seat that has sat vacant since Jeff Griffing jumped ship back in February to join the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as chief financial officer.


Billboard Burnout
Every few minutes, the rear wheel of this billboard Mustang would begin to spin and a fog machine installed inside the board would pump out smoke around the tire. The resulting effect created the illusion of a Mustang performing a burnout up on the board. This is super cool…very uncharacteristic of the domestic auto people who generally prefer to put some metaphorical mumbo jumbo that makes no sense up on a board rather than executing something cool the consumer will actually dig.


Jamie Bell picked to play Spidey?
According to a site I’ve never heard of, multiple sources have confirmed that Sony’s search for a new Peter Parker has ended and that Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, The Chumscrubber) has locked in the coveted spot. I would be surprised if Sony confirms this before Comic Con.

Toy Story 4 a possibility
Estelle Harris
(the old lady who plays Mrs. Potato Head) started buzz around this weekend’s press junket for Toy Story 3 that there might end up being at least one additional Toy Story flick in the future. The rumor was then semi-substantiated by Kristen Schaal (she plays a Triceratops named Trixie in TS3). And then, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich teased an inquisitive reporter and made a very vague statement suggesting that the series is probably done but that he’s “sure we’ll see more of the toys in the future.” My bets are it’s done.

Stanley Tucci joining Captain America
has announced that Stanley Tucci will join the cast of The First Avenger: Captain America as the guy responsible for creating Captain America, Dr. Abraham Erskine.

Michael Keaton wants to do a Beetlejuice sequel
I’d be aching to do sequels too if I was an actor with a fairly shriveled career.

Low resolution Predators poster is high resolution awesome
Someone snapped a cell phone photo of the supposedly yet to be widely released Predators poster pictured below. I’m digging it. Very eye-catching.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife is claiming they planned to re-wed, essentially so she can get all his money. Also, pictures of him in the hospital before he died have just been sold to some tabloid, all of which was apparently orchestrated by his ex-wife, Shannon Price, as well.

Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie, met with a judge to discuss conservatorship of Britney. Right now, Kevin Federline has sole custody over their sons, Jayden and Sean. Before her conservatorship ends she will have to go through a psychological evaluation and a child custody evaluation.

Jennifer Garner had a few pics taken of her with a less than flat stomach and is now on the baby bump watch list.

Matthew Morrison, or Mr. Shu from Glee, will be recording a solo album while the show is on hiatus this summer. He’s writing all the music for it which will be a dance-heavy sound and a cross between Michael Bublé and Justin Timberlake.

This is how Lindsay hides the SCRAM.

Sandra Bullock addresses everything that has gone on the past few months and gives some love to Scarlett Johannson.

Edward & Bella kiss, kind of, during their acceptance of Best Kiss.

Oh, she’s just being Miley.


The new iPhone came out… it’s nothing magical in my opinion. Anyways, if you like Glee or nerdy tech things or references to Singapore pleasure lairs, watch this video:

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