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IMAX raked in some cash in Q2 with a 37% YOY increase


While Q2 was less than glorious for the general movie biz in Q2, IMAX saw some lovely numbers. The purveyor of gigantic screened movies (and sometimes only slightly bigger movie screens… like in Century City… you’re not fooling me punks) saw a worldwide box office jump from $84.2M in 2009 to $115M in 2010.

Universities now required to fight piracy


Thanks to a provision built into an act passed back in 2008, universities receiving Title IV funding from the federal government are now required to actively seek out and prevent piracy on their campuses. Under the new rule, schools must take steps to stop piracy and must provide an alternative way for students to legally download media (i.e. iTunes).

Percy and Hot Tub win the week!


Due to the awesomeness of the media/marketing teams working on their campaigns, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Hot Tub Time Machine took the #1 and #2 spots on the charts for DVD sales, Blu-ray sales, and rentals. The Crazies (which is a pretty good flick) came in third on the sales charts and 5th on the rental list.


Hot in Cleveland already renewed for sophomore season


TV Land is jumping all over their hit new sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, ordering a 20-episode second season after only 3 episodes have aired. The second season will tentatively hit the airwaves in January of 2011.

Skeet Ulrich signs on for Law & Order: LA


Skeet Ulrich (the killer from Scream) has become the first actor to fill one of the lead roles in the new Law & Order spin-off. Ulrich will join the cast as Detective Rex Winters, a rugged former Marine whose policing style was shaped by his experiences during the Rodney King riots.

Syfy locks in David Strathairn for Alphas pilot


Academy Award nominee David Strathairn has signed on to star as the lead in Syfy’s new action-adventure pilot, Alphas. In the 90-minute pilot, Strathairn will play the lead of a team of ordinary individuals who possess extraordinary mental skills. The pilot has been written by frequent comic book adapter, Zak Penn.

The copycat network strikes again!


Not content with letting any network develop a unique niche, TLC has swooped in to infringe on another network’s territory with the announcement of Super Pooches. This dog show will premiere on 7/21 @ 8p and will go behind the scenes to profile some of the more eclectic world of dog shows (kinda like Toddlers in Tiaras with dogs?). Sorry Animal Planet (and to some extent, Nat Geo), TLC just can’t let you own dog programming anymore.

Peace out Eastwick


ABC has decided to bump the planned airings of the final 2 episodes of the former Mrs. John Stamos’ short-lived series, Eastwick. Rather than burn these final episodes as planned this Saturday (7/10), ABC will air encores of the second episodes of Scoundrels and The Gates in its place (which may end up being ironic, seeing as Gates and Scoundrels have poop ratings and could end seeing a no finale fate similar to Eastwick).


Meredith dropping rate bases for LHJ and Trad Home


Meredith powerhouse Ladies Home Journal and Traditional Home will be seeing double digit declines in their ratebases. The publisher cites rising postage and paper costs as the reason for the ratebase dip. Later this year, each book will test higher newsstand and single-copy prices that will likely go into effect in 2011 to compensate for the decline in circ.

Mag groups band together to fight the evil USPS


The Post Office wants to bump up the cost to mail magazines by 8% to help slow the bleeding created by a country that doesn’t really care about mail any more… as to be expected, groups of magazine folks are banding together to protest the rate hike, claiming that the proposed increase vastly exceeds the amount allowed by law.


I so cannot wait for this movie


Vampires Suck trailer

Weird Al project may come to movies theatres after getting canned by Cartoon Net


Weird Al Yankovic had been working on a live-action film script for Cartoon Network for quite some time. After submitting his 4th draft, Cartoon informed him that they were making a shift in their programming mantra and would no longer be moving forward with any live-action films (but they’re still cool with the very live-action Unnatural History?). Now, Al is sitting on a script that he owns and will be shopping it around for a studio to pick up.

MiB III info leaks


SPOILER: It’s about time travel. Josh Brolin might be playing a young Tommy Lee Jones. There’s a bad guy biker named Yaz who travels back in time to try and kill Tommy Lee Jones as a kid and end the world. Apple stores are time portals and when you shake an iPhone in the clock app, you can time travel. Andy Warhol is an alien and comes to the aid of Will Smith to help save the world. Yoko Ono is also an alien. The end.

Colin Farrell and his comb-over debut in pic from Horrible Bosses


The first set pic from Horrible Bosses has hit the web, showing sometimes pretty boy Colin Farrell in all his comb-over glory. The film stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx and is about a group of employees conspiring to kill their bosses.

Adjustment Bureau bumped from September to March


I was really looking forward to The Adjustment Bureau. While it has a great deal of potential to move into the cheesy sappy girlie stuff and completely ruin the possibly cool supernatural-ish content of the movie, I was holding out hope that it would be more Inception and less The Time Traveler’s Wife. Now, I’m worried. Universal has announced the film is getting bumped from its planned 9/17 release date in favor of a 3/4 release date next year. This reminds me too much of Universal’s last revolving street date flick, The Wolfman… and that didn’t turn out too well.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Did you watch Jake and Vienna and their therapy session with Chris Harrison and get terrified that we put things like this on TV? I did. But I also loved it and I can’t believe I’m saying this but…Team Vienna!


In other reality tv dating show news, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski broke up.

Rumors that Hank Bassett is cheating on his wife, Kendra are starting to spread just as her book Sliding into Home is released.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail. You can watch her plea below. She’s an actress, and I used to think a pretty good one too, so who knows how genuine this is. Either way, she’s not happy about it as evidenced by the wailing… but there have been a few projects she was lined up to work on that are saying they’re willing to wait until she finishes up doing her time. Comeback?

In more LiLo news she may have been giving a certain message to the court on her fingernails. Irrelevant, but I like the tie-dye. Anyway, now reporters are saying she may be getting in trouble for contempt of court saying these words were a direct message to the judge.

Photos of Megan Fox’s secret wedding to Brian Austin Green have been leaked. Clearly she didn’t want to keep it much of a secret.



The creepiest mask ever

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

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