Restrepo – definitely worth seeing

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I caught a documentary called Restrepo last night at The Landmark that I very much dug.

The film is about a squadron stationed in the al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold, the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. During their time in the area, the Korengal was deemed “The Valley of Death” and has often times been called the most dangerous place on Earth.

The reason I dug this film is because it provides a look at a completely different type of war that I have personally never seen. Any footage from recent wars that I can remember is of guys in light tan camo driving around in the desert or walking through desert cities that look like the ruins in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The Korengal is in a set of plant covered hills… starkly contrasting the impression I had that most of the Middle East was just a big ol’ sandbox.

The style of this documentary also sets it apart from the masses of Middle East war flicks. There is no one sitting around pushing a political message. No angry soldiers bitching about how the media is evil. No one crying about how ridiculous the war is. It’s just a camera following around a group of guys who went through some seriously horrible stuff. And I like that.

Here’s the trailer for the flick:

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