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Studios and networks should spend their piracy cash to improve web video instead


Hop on over to the article linked above to read the author’s quest to watch Season 4 of 30 Rock in the comfort of her home. If you’ve attempted a similar adventure, you probably know that it’s not exactly easy to find what you want to watch exactly when and where you want to watch it… and at this point, a lot of people realize how much easier it is to just illegally download their desired media. I totally agree with the author that this predicament is a huge sign that studios and TV networks should stop putting so much time and effort into the defensive anti-piracy campaigns and turn that attention towards a stronger offense… creating easy ways for consumers to access content legally.

Cable operator & network battle threatens premiere of Mad Men


This seems to be a developing trend… a carriage contract between a broadcast/cable network and a cable operator approaches expiration… it just so happens a major event on said network is set to occur shortly after the carriage contract ends… the network tells their viewers that they are going to miss said event because the operator is greedy… a deal is made in the final minutes before said event occurs. the end. This time, this tale is playing out between AT&T and Rainbow Networks. If a deal isn’t reached between the 2 parties by the contract’s expiration date of 7/14, AT&T’s 2.5 million homes will lose AMC, IFC, and WE TV. Mad Men is set to premiere on 7/25 on AMC. While it’s not as mass of a program as past shows in a similar situation (like the Oscars), it’ll still make some subscribers very unhappy if they miss it.


Glee preparing Britney Spears episode


I’m not a fan of this idea… unless they have Britney play the alcoholic best friend of Kristin Chenoweth’s drunken character.

A weekend of 3D baseball (and soccer)


On Saturday and Sunday, Yankees vs. Mariners games will be broadcast in 3D via a partnership between DirecTV, the YES Network, and Fox Sports Northwest. The Home Run Derby on Monday and the All-Star Game on Tuesday will be broadcast in 3D by ESPN. And… the World Cup final game will be in 3D this Sunday as well.

ESPN signs 12 year deal with ACC


Between now and 2023, ESPN will throw down somewhere around $1.9 billion to the Atlantic Coast Conference for exclusive broadcast rights to all ACC football, basketball, and 22 other sports regular season and championship games. Games will be shown across the wide array of ESPN networks, including ESPN, ABC, and ESPN 3D.

NBC announces America’s Got Talent contestants


The Peacock has announced the names of the Top 48 contestants set to battle it out beginning Tuesday 7/13 from 9-11p on America’s Got Talent. You can check out all the names at the linked article above… although they probably won’t mean anything to you… unless you happen to be related to Harmonica Pierre or used to go to school with Prince Poppycock.

LA Ink kicks off new season on new night in August


Kat Von D and her tattoo army return for a 4th season of TLC’s LA Ink on 8/11 @ 10p. The show has moved out of its old Thursday slot and into Wednesdays for a 13 episode season.


Time Out New York goes 3D


(Thanks to Miss Kimszal over there in New York for the info)

Syfy is sponsoring the annual Movies with a View screening series in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The first of the outdoor screenings will be Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D… this will be the first time a film has been screened outdoors in 3D. To commemorate the 3D screening, Time Out New York has released a fully 3D issue of their magazines… 3D cover, articles, and 21 ads. Syfy branded glasses are included in each issue and are the red and blue punch out kind similar to what Playboy had in their True Blood sponsored 3D centerfold issue a couple months back. I admire these publications for the effort, but it feels too forced. Just because 3D is trendy in movies right now doesn’t mean you should just replicate it… especially when you’re doing it with the inferior red/blue technology from the 50’s that makes people get super nauseated. I feel like some old guys were sitting around a conference table trying to figure out what the kids are talking about these days and since a vampire issue felt too weird, they decided 3D was the way to go.


Giant bones


To raise awareness for a Calcium supplement in India, an agency built fiberglass bones around support columns on one of the countries busiest streets. How cool would this be for Marmaduke?


Breaking Dawn begins production in the next few months


No exact date has been revealed, but Summit has told the press that the final two Twilight flicks (yah right) will begin production this fall in Baton Rouge and Vancouver with 11/28/2011 targeted as the release date.

Little Mermaid live-action flick on the way


The director of Atonement (Joe Wright) has teamed up with Working Title to start putting together a live-action film based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. While the idea of a new look at Ariel and her under the sea pals seems like at least a somewhat interesting concept on the surface… the Hans story is a dark dark dark thing. Ariel doesn’t live happily ever after, she loses her tongue when she makes a deal with the Sea Witch, whenever she walks on her human legs it feels like swords are stabbing her, the mermaid is propositioned by her now bald sisters to kill the prince, and mermaids have no souls. So yah… I’m not seeing this as being a light-hearted romp around the seas. Throw in the fact that the guy directing the flick also directed Atonement, The Soloist, and Pride & Prejudice and you’re looking at one bleak piece of cinema. On top of this dark business, how do you shoot a live-action movie that is predominantly set underwater?

Kevin Bacon up for X-Men role?


(thanks to Sean Reardon for the tip)

According to internet buzz (which may or may not be misdirection being seeded by FOX), Kevin Bacon is in talks to take the role as the villain in X-Men: First Class. No word yet on what character he would be playing, but who cares who he plays… it’s Kevin frickin Bacon… he’s the man. I’m so very sold. In addition to this Bacon buzz, rumors have been flying around that Alice Eve (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), and Lucas Till (Havoc) have all been cast in the flick. I would expect to have a more complete picture painted down in San Diego when the Con hits in a couple weeks.

Saw VII gets a new, stupid name


The 7th installment in the Saw franchise will now be called SAW 3D THE TRAPS COME ALIVE. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You suck Lionsgate.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Beyonce narrowly escaped serious injury after her car door was ripped off by a taxi as she stepped onto a street in London. Apparently the taxi missed hitting her by only centimeters (silly, Brits).

Headline of the day: “Mel Gibson threatened to bury Oksana in a Rose Garden.” Wow.

Cheryl Tweedy has been in the hospital since Sunday battling Malaria, and it may be worse than what reporters were once saying. She was recently bit by a mosquito during a trip in Tanzania and her maybe boyfriend, Derek Hough, feels it’s his fault for planning the trip.

Katy Perry (Pot) thinks Miley (Kettle) dresses too slutty. Katy has said Miley will turn into the next Britney on account of her revealing outfits while performing and thinks she need to cover up.

New She & Him video.


Lindsay Lohan’s life may be falling apart, but at least her handwriting is pristine.


Pretty people in love.



Twilight brings out the biter in American teens


(Thanks to Frances Choi for giving us a peek inside her personal life with this interesting story. Frances was actually interviewed for this story but was taken out in editing because the producers deemed her just a little bit too extreme)

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

If Dinos were around today


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