Jason’s Final DOSE at Zenith (7/14)

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Fleeting expletives A-O-K according to the federal court


An FCC policy barring the use of “fleeting expletives” on TV and radio was shot down by a federal appeals court because the policy was thought to violate the First Amendment. The court felt that the policy put in front of them could inhibit free speech because the definition of what could be deemed indecent was too vague. It is expected that the FCC will take the matter up the ladder to the Supreme Court.

Time Warner Cable prepping for retrans showdown with the Mouse House


At the beginning of September, the retransmission contract between Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Disney expires. The contract covers ESPN, ABC, Disney cable networks and some local stations. In preparation for what could become a bloody battle, Time Warner has resurfaced the stupid website they launched last year when they battled with FOX over similar issues called RollOverOrGetTough.com. At this site, they encourage consumers to voice their opinion about the battle and provide propaganda laced news about the contract negotiations. Last week, Verizon also started to prepare for what they hope will be a violent fight between TWC and Disney… they placed ads in many TWC markets encouraging TWC subscribers to jump ship and come join Verizon FiOS to avoid losing their favorite stations. (Why in the holy heck would anybody have Time Warner if Verizon… or anyone other non-Time Warner cable operator for that matter… were available in their area? Time Warner is HORRIBLE)

Warner Bros Comic Con bags getting handed out to EVERYONE this year


If you’ve been to Comic Con and don’t know what I’m referring to when I say Warner Bros bags, you are a fake nerd and probably spent you’re whole time at Comic Con hanging out at a bar at the Hard Rock. Anyways, every year Warner Bros gives out giant bags at select times throughout the weekend that cause massive chaos and insanity whenever they appear. This year, rather than make them limited in quantity, Warner Bros will be handing them out to each and every Comic Con attendee as a replacement to the stupid plastic bag Comic Con normally gives you. When you pick up your badge, you’ll be given one of eleven different bags featuring art work from one of the WB’s many TV shows or movies. And then nerd girls will take them to the hotel room and sew a dress out of them.


Community jumps on the Betty White band wagon


I’m quickly getting sick of this Betty White trend. Community has joined the ranks of what feels like hundreds of TV shows with their announcement that the Golden Girl will be making a special guest appearance on their show. Betty will join the cast for the season premiere, playing a kooky anthropology professor. Snooze.

Amber Tamblyn joining House


Fox has announced that Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Pants, Joan of Arcadia, the upcoming Danny Boyle flick 127 Hours) will be joining the cast of House for a multi-episode arc in this Fall’s new season of House. Tamblyn will play a super smart med school student whom Dr. House hires as a new member of the team even though she technically isn’t qualified yet for the gig.

The Hills Finale


So it was all fake-ish, right?

TNT summer originals all done by 9/22


Here are the newly announced finale dates for TNT’s originals:

Hawthorne – Tuesday, 8/24
Memphis Best – Tuesday, 8/24
Leverage – Sunday, 9/5 (will be back this winter)
The Closer – Monday, 9/13 (will be back this winter)
Rizzoli & Isles
– Monday, 9/13
Dark Blue
– Sunday, 9/22 (the show only premieres on 8/4, meaning 10 episodes will have to be shoved into 8 weeks)

FOX Fall Premiere Dates



(thanks to John Gelke for the heads up that these Fall bad boys were out)

Saturday, 9/11
8-8:30P COPS (Season Premiere, 800th Episode)
8:30-9P COPS (Encore Episode)
9-10P AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (Season Premiere)

Monday, 9/20
8-9P HOUSE (Season Premiere)
9-10P LONE STAR (Series Premiere)

Tuesday, 9/21
8-9P GLEE (Season Premiere)
9-9:30P RAISING HOPE (Series Premiere)
9:30-10P RUNNING WILDE (Series Premiere)

Wednesday, 9/22
8-10P HELL’S KITCHEN (2-Hour Season Premiere)

Thursday, 9/23
8-9P BONES (Season Premiere)
9-10P FRINGE (Season Premiere)

Friday, 9/24
8-9P HUMAN TARGET (Season Premiere)
9-10P THE GOOD GUYS (Fall Premiere)

Sunday, 9/26
8-8:30P THE SIMPSONS (Season Premiere)
8:30-9P THE CLEVELAND SHOW (Season Premiere)
9-10P FAMILY GUY (1-Hour Season Premiere)

Sunday, 10/3
9:30-10P AMERICAN DAD (Season Premiere, 100th Episode)

Wednesday, 11/10
8-9P LIE TO ME (Season Premiere)


Marie Claire sticker unit is pretty darn cool


(thanks to Miss Jessica Peltz… the O-G Dose contributor)

Marie Claire has launched a new ad unit that will first appear in their pages in the August issue. This unit was purchased by Revlon for the first issue and features a peel off sticker containing beauty tips that is meant for the ladies to place on their mirror. Revlon’s execution contains tips on how to successfully apply eye makeup. Four other advertisers have already locked in the mirror cling unit for future 2010 issues.


Magic Door


A technical school’s ad agency installed this most excellent window sticker to promote a magic class offered at the school. When a shopper approached the automatic door, the door would open and split the girl in the box in half… making the shopper become the magician. I sure do like magic.


Joaquin documentary to be released in September by Magnolia


Magnolia Pictures has announced that they have signed a deal to acquire I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, a possibly fake documentary about Phoenix’s downward spiral from award-winning actor to scary drug-using homeless looking rapper. The film will hit limited theatres on 9/10 and will be released wider the following week.

People noticed Lindsay Lohan isn’t in the new Machete trailer


In the new extended trailer for Machete, Lindsay Lohan is nowhere to be seen… whether she was omitted because her part is kind of tiny or because of her ongoing legal issues, people are now speculating about her whereabouts in the trailer.

First official Thor pic makes me officially not excited


In an article about Thor and Captain America being shot in 3D (woah! shocker!), the LA Times released the first official shot from Thor. This looks dumb. I don’t want to see this… the whole Norse god thing is stupid in the first place… this just makes it look even more stupid. Why does Anthony Hopkins have a Wonka Golden Ticket on his eye?

Ratatouille getting re-released in 3D?


Pixar is pondering releasing Ratatouille to movie theatres in 3D. Why? Ratatouille is arguably Pixar’s most forgettable film… are they thinking of converting this one because it’s one of their only films that stands no real chance of getting a sequel? If you know anyone over at Disney or Pixar, please let them know that Jason would much rather see Finding Nemo in 3D than Ratatouille.

Mark Ruffalo playing The Hulk?


On Monday, I shared with you rumors about Joaquin Phoenix being in contention to replace Edward Norton as The Hulk in The Avengers. Now new rumors have surfaced suggesting that Mark Ruffalo is in the advanced stages of negotiations to take on The Hulk instead. I am a HUGE Ruffalo fan (you can’t beat 13 Going on 30)… if he agrees to do this, I’m hoping he has a really good reason for it. He doesn’t seem like a natural choice, but neither was Heath Ledger when he landed the Joker role… but then again, this is Marvel we’re dealing here… and this isn’t a Nolan film.

Cast photo for Fast Five


The latest installment in the Fast & the Furious saga called Fast Five is currently filming in Puerto Rico. Tyrese posted the photo below (and another at the linked story above) on his Twitter account showing some of the cast looking all tough with guns and mean faces… except for the lone white boy in the photo, sitting in the back with a goofy smile on his face.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Kelly Osborne has reportedly split with her fiancé Luke Worrall.

Kate Gosselin is being targeted in another child labor law investigation. A Pennsylvania lawmaker is questioning the legality of the sextuplets’ work permits to film for the TLC show.

I haven’t watched this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, it’s anxiously waiting on my DVR, but I know it’s going to be the very best. Apparently, Teresa Giudice wants a restraining order against Danielle Staub.

Spencer Pratt crashed The Hills finale party dressed as an old man.

News around Alaska today is that Bristol Palin has decided to marry her baby’s daddy, Levi Johnston. And apparently Sarah Palin didn’t find out until she saw the US Weekly cover today…really? Of course she knew. This fam is such a soap opera. I’m sure the reality show will be coming shortly.


Bret Michaels and family – Adorbs.


Michelle Williams as a ginger!


After watching National Treasure I decided I really wanted to become a treasure hunter. Looks like I should have followed through with that. Some British guy came across a pot of Roman coins worth $1MM.



Subway Star Wars

Courtesy of the genius folks over at Improv Everywhere

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

A collection of dino finds from Miss Kristin Hogan (the blonde one)

“Good luck exploring the infinite abyss”

(catch that reference?)

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    I’m not sure I get why so many pundits are making such a fuss over Levi Johnston. He is just a great dad and we should be happy he is with Bristol.

  2. sophie Says:

    Garden State is a most excellent movie. Good luck with everything, hope the new job rocks!

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