Guillermo del Toro talks Haunted Mansion

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This had me all kinds of worried… but now my fears have been curbed.

At Comic Con, Guillermo del Toro announced that he would be working on a film adaptation of the Disneyland ride, The Haunted Mansion. For most Disney/movie fans, this thought stirs up painful memories of Eddie Murphy’s goofy ass destroying the iconic ride… the prospect of this metaphorically pissing on Disneyland coming around again is a terrifying thought… but, now we have some more info from del Toro that makes it sound like this may end up being a very very good thing.

Apparently, del Toro is a HUGE Haunted Mansion nerd. He has statues, original concept sketches, actual pieces of wallpaper from the ride, and uses a ride on the Mansion as a way to calm down and think.

His Mansion film sounds like it will tap into this nerdy vein, focusing around a cult figure in Disney lore, The Hatbox Ghost (see photo way down below).

After doing a little digging around, here’s what I learned about this Hatbox Ghost. The ghost was originally installed on the ride right before you leave the attic of the Mansion (this is when you see the glowing ghost bride. The grinning figure held a large hatbox at his side and was illuminated via blacklighting. The ghost’s head would disappear from atop his shoulders and reappear in the hatbox. There was a problem though… the figure relied on lighting and completely darkening it’s head to make it “disappear,” but the figure stood too close to passing “Doom Buggies” and ambient light made it impossible for the head to ever get dark enough to look completely gone. So, The Hatbox Ghost was only there for cast member previews… it was removed from the ride prior to the public opening of the attraction. Since then, nerdy Disney fans have come to be obsessed with the ghost and have created quite a fuss over him.

Being the Haunted Mansion nerd he is, del Toro would like to use hatbox toting ghosty as a main character in his new film. del Toro will write and produce the film, with a director to be named later.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts… does this whole thing sound like a good idea?

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