Idol Craziness – Ellen Out, J-Lo in, Kara maybe out?

Posted on July 30, 2010 by admin | 1 Comment

Ellen Degeneres has been let out of her American Idol contract a season early and freakin’ Jennifer Lopez will be taking her spot at the judge’s table. Apparently, Ellen just didn’t really like the whole Idol thing from the start… Simon pissed her off by always being late and she never really had any fun with the job. So, Ellen’s people went to FOX two months ago to ask the powers that be to let Ellen go. FOX said that they needed to search for a replacement before they could let her out of her contract… and now that Jenny from the Block is on board, Ellen can escape.

On top of this madness, it now sounds like Kara DioGuardi may be fired from the show. This news seems to fit in with producer Nigel Lythgoe’s belief that a 3 judge panel makes a whole lot more sense for the show than 4 judges. If Kara does end up going away, that only leaves two judges… J-Lo and Randy Jackson. The search is on to find someone to replace Simon Cowell. Apparently, Elton John is a favorite, but he’s asking for too much money. There’s also rumor that an offer is out to Steven Tyler.

Anyone disagree that American Idol is on its way out. Shit like this is a PERFECT sign of the once mighty show’s demise. I mean come on… Jennifer Lopez? Could there be a more fitting mascot for failure than the star of The Backup Plan and recording artist of the hit song Louboutins?

Check out the Nikki Finke article linked above for more details behidn the madness.

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One Response to “Idol Craziness – Ellen Out, J-Lo in, Kara maybe out?”

  1. Steve Says:

    I am very ok with Kara leaving. She us obnoxious and not needed on the show.
    Ellen was kind of amusing, though. She didn’t add much more than Paula did but she was much funnier than Paula.

    When I heard Simon was leaving I said good-bye to American Idol. Sounds like it is just going to get worse.

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