1 WEEKEND, 4 MOVIES (Marilyn, Martha, Skin, Moneyball)

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A crap ton of work and a busier than usual life have curbed my normal, psychotic devouring of films as of late. I tried to make up for that a bit this weekend and saw FOUR flicks. Below are my quick ramblings on each of them.



What a delightful movie. From start to finish, I was so completely pulled in to absolutely every aspect of this film. There’s a level of innocence and nostalgic charm and naïve humanity in each of the characters that I haven’t seen since Catch Me if You Can (ABC should take notes… Pan Am has missed BIG TIME in recreating this magic). And holy crap Michelle Williams is wonderful. It would be easy to find an actress to visually recreate Marilyn, but where Michelle really excels is in the presence she commands. The focus of the film is how enamored the world is with Marilyn and Michelle delivers every ounce of that butterfly-inducing, jaw-dropping magnetism that I imagine Marilyn must have had. My only issue with the flick was how quickly everyone decided to spill their most intimate details to the main character, a 23 year old kid on his first job in the film industry. I seriously doubt Sir Laurence Olivier would dig into his feeling of inadequacy to his coffee boy after knowing him for all of a week. That being said, I would have watched this movie again immediately after it finished.




Dug it. Elizabeth Olsen definitely stands on her own… I’m hoping her inevitable Spirit Award win and possible Oscar nomination will be enough ammo to strike any future references to her Full House kin from her record. Olsen reminds me of a younger Maggie Gyllenhaal and oozes the same undertones of sexuality and raw authenticity that you would expect from a Maggie role. As to be expected, John Hawkes also brings it as the leader of the cult Olsen’s character is pulled into. He does some pretty horrific stuff, but I about half way through his performance of the song he wrote for Marcy May (one of Olsen’s names in the film), I was ready to sign on the dotted line and join up. I embedded the song below for your listening enjoyment… hoping that I don’t have to wear the white robe when I join Hawkes’ crew (you’ll get that once you see the movie).




Weird movie with subtitles… I’m in. Don’t read too much about this one going into it. Antonio Banderas plays a surgeon with some traumatic sad stuff in his past. He has figured out a way to replicate a tougher version of human skin that can be used for burn victims and people needing face transplants. He has a girl living in his house/clinic that he uses the skin on. And now I’ll shut up… go see it. It’s worth it. And don’t watch the trailer.



I was a little late in the game on this one… but I’m glad I went. This is a really fun movie. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill work perfectly together and I was reminded how much I can like Jonah Hill if he’s used properly (“Ask Me About My Wiener” from Accepted is a great example). My only complaint on this one is what I’ll call the awkward date ending. I felt like the end went on FOREVER like two high school kids who can’t decide whether to shake hands, hug, or kiss after their night at the Olive Garden.


If you’re reading this because you were a former subscriber to The Dose… I’m not back yet… but I hope to be soon. Stay tuned.

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