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There’s no doubt that the little robotic vixen inside your shiny new phone named Siri is the most entertaining new feature of the iPhone 4S… but is it just another gimmicky Lightsaber or Fart app…. or is it the starting point to something much bigger?

The writer of the article linked below brings up a really good thought. If voice recognition software is at a point where it can automate most of the major functions of your phone, where’s it go next? Apple is by no means the first company to include voice reco on a phone (I feel like the Motorola RZR probably had voice dialing), but they’re the first company to wrap it with a shiny user-friendly bow that your mom isn’t afraid test out to find the closest fabric store.

There are already devices out there that allow you to use voice commands to control your TV and aspects of your car, but do you know anyone who uses them? I imagine the advancements of Siri will change that.

What other uses beyond TV and cars can you think of for a user=friendly voice recognition app like Siri?


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