Skechers about to get screwed for deceptive advertising?

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This is a story that will make my Skechers hating wife and all the people of the world who seem to flip into some odd lawyer persono and shout “that’s false advertising!” every time they see an ad they don’t like.

Skechers is shakin in their boots right now because Reebok just got slapped with a $25 million settlement stemming from scientific proof that those fancy fitness shoes don’t do a damn thing.  Reebok was a fairly small fish in the toning shoe category…Reebok represents about 60% of the sales in the $1.1 billion in the category… that means they should expect a deceptive advertising fine MUCH higher than Reeboks $25 mill hand slap.

Considering they’ve had Super Bowl presence the last two years to promote Shape Ups, there might be some inventory for the Big Game popping up soon.


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