Skechers about to get screwed for deceptive advertising?

November 15th, 2011

This is a story that will make my Skechers hating wife and all the people of the world who seem to flip into some odd lawyer persono and shout “that’s false advertising!” every time they see an ad they don’t like.

Skechers is shakin in their boots right now because Reebok just got slapped with a $25 million settlement stemming from scientific proof that those fancy fitness shoes don’t do a damn thing.  Reebok was a fairly small fish in the toning shoe category…Reebok represents about 60% of the sales in the $1.1 billion in the category… that means they should expect a deceptive advertising fine MUCH higher than Reeboks $25 mill hand slap.

Considering they’ve had Super Bowl presence the last two years to promote Shape Ups, there might be some inventory for the Big Game popping up soon.



November 11th, 2011

This morning, The Walt Disney Company reported Q4 earnings will exceed analyst expectations with a quarterly income of $1.1 billion. That’s +30% over last year!

That makes me happy… the reason that makes me happy is because the theme park division is responsible for a good chunk of that… and I love me some Disneyland. The Happiest Places on Earth are up 9% in revenue over last year… AND, that’s with over half of frickin’ California Adventure being closed for new stuff being built. Not too shabby.

The other division putting in a major helping hand to boost the earnings numbers is the TV division. Despite missing some major tentpoles in news and sports this year, Disney’s cable and ABC ad revenue and operating revenue were up a ton. And Disney is (at least pretending that) they aren’t afraid of the NBA lockout affecting ESPN revenue… they’re assuming NBA ad dollars and audience will just shift to other ESPN properties.

While Disney is kind of the Devil… they are a devil that makes Toy Story and gives me churros… so yah, they are my friend.



November 11th, 2011

Following 4 complaints that the ad below for a Marc Jacobs perfume ad “sexualized children,” the ad has been banned from the UK.

As a smart commenter to the source story pointed out, this banning will get the ad more publicity than the media buy they had in place. I bet you didn’t think of that one cranky old ladies…huh?




November 8th, 2011

Rad TV ad from Europe. I believe the tagline translates to “As Life Unfolds.” Maybe we should replace the creepy butt-wiping bears with these guys.


Jason’s Dose for 6.9

June 9th, 2010


Hulu charging and joining multiple devices within a couple months
According to multiple sources, Hulu plans to roll out their new subscription model in the next couple months. At this time, Hulu will also become available on multiple devices including the iPad and Xbox 360 (and maybe iPhone 4? That’d be cool). As was reported earlier, the pay portion of Hulu will generally only apply to older episodes of a show… new episodes will still remain free. (would you pay for Hulu? I’m not seeing this work out too well)

Avatar merchandise amping up big time later this year
At a licensing expo in Las Vegas, Robert Marick of Fox Consumer Products revealed long term plans for keeping the world of Avatar alive through consumer products. Regardless of when a sequel happens, Fox believes that the Avatar brand is strong enough to live on its own… with or without a new film in theatres. As a result, expect to see an upswing in the already large amount of Avatar related products a little later this year with back to school items, costumes, bedding and board games.

Panasonic announces 152-inch 3DTV!!
Earlier today, Panasonic announced that they will soon be rolling out 3 jumbo sized 3D Plasma TVs… one of which is a record-breaking 152 inches! The 152 incher is the equivalent of 9x 50-inch TVs. The other 2 TVs being released measure in at 103 inches and 85 inches. Panasonic expects the jumbo sets to primarily be purchased for government and commercial applications. No price has been released for the 152 inch model, but a 103 inch screen will run you $65K.


Uncle Jesse joining GLEE!!!!!
This is like taking a Ferrari and adding machine guns and a frozen yogurt machine to it… it’s just too much awesomeness to handle. John “Uncle Jesse” Stamos is reportedly close to signing on for a semi-major recurring role on the next season of Glee. If this happens, Stamos would play the dentist boyfriend of the OCD crush of Mr. Shu, Emma.

Past Life cancelled again
The final two episodes of the short-lived drama have been yanked from the FOX schedule in favor of encore episodes of The Good Guys. For 6/11 & 6/18, FOX will air House repeats from 8-9p with the encore Good Guys taking the 9p slot.

Q: What shows will be promoted at Comic Con? A: All of them!
Check out the link above for a rundown of what shows are going to get promoted at Comic Con. If you’re a little lazy and don’t feel like scrolling through the list, it’s pretty much everything. Pretty much every new show out there (from Nikita to Neighbors from Hell to The Event) and every existing show that has any kind of inkling of a nerd following (Big Bang Theory, V, Fringe, Chuck, and even Glee) will be represented on that steamy July weekend down in San Diego. And, if all goes as planned, I’ll be there battling my way through the sea of nerds to provide you all the coverage your heart desires.


Style picks up season 3 of Giuliana & Bill
A third season of the reality series about the lives’ of married couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic has been ordered by the Style Network. The new season will air late this year or early next year and will follow the inner workings of Giuliana & Bill’s long-distance marriage.

Kanye West added to BET Awards lineup
On Sunday 6/27, Kanye West will take the stage at the BET Awards to make his first awards show performance since his VMAs “incident” last year. Also performing live from the Shrine Auditorium in LA will be Ludacris, T.I., and a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of but are probably playing at Powerhouse.

USA greenlights Common Law to pilot
Buddy cop comedy Common Law has gotten a cast contingent green light from USA. The series centers on a pair of cops who hate each other. Their captain decides the two need to learn how to get along, so he sends them to couple’s therapy. (Are you serious? Someone went into an exec’s office pitching this and got the thumbs up?!)

The Hoff’s roast set to film this summer
Comedy Central has officially announced that David Hasselhoff will be the next celeb to take a seat in front of the firing squad for a new Comedy Central Roast. The special will film this summer in LA and will premiere on 8/15 @ 10p.


Conde plays musical chairs to fill Self publisher role
(thanks to Miss Jessica for the tip)
Following the recent announcement that Kim Kelleher will be leaving her position at Self to take a sweeter gig at Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast has announced that they will be shifting over the publisher at Teen Vogue, Laura McEwen, to take her spot. This now leaves a hole at Teen Vogue that will likely be filled by another Conde exec.


Not an outdoor execution… but it should be
A group in France called Samu Social had their agency create the print ads below to help raise awareness of how ignoring a sick homeless person is really really bad. They want you to call them and they’ll help that sick homeless person get better (that so reminds me of Groundhog Day). How cool would it be if they took the execution into the outdoor arena? This ad or an ad like it (maybe for a Halloween catalog collection) could be done using floor stickers or 3D chalk art. And then their “Indifference Kills” messaging could be installed as an actual gravestone near the execution or be written on chalk on the wall next to the execution.


Paramount pushes Dinner for Schmucks back a week
In order to distance themselves from Inception (7/16) and Salt (7/23), Paramount has decided to move the release date for the Steve Carrell flick Dinner for Schmucks back a week to 7/30. This will put the film head to head against Charlie St. Cloud and the sequel to Cats & Dogs.

Muppets flick gets a release date
Disney has announced that the Muppet flick written by and starring Jason Segel called The Greatest Muppet Movie of all Time will hit the big screen on Christmas of 2011. This puts Segel and his fuzzy felt friends up against Spielberg’s Tintin and FOX & Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo. Good god I hope Segel puts his Dracula puppet in the movie somewhere.

Paramount announces Les Grossman movie
(thanks to Timmy Orland from the kingdom of FOX for the lowdown)
Paramount has announced via a rather annoying press release that they will be creating a film based on the Les Grossman character introduced in Tropic Thunder. I hate this idea… apparently I’m in the minority here, but I think the Les Grossman was a very heavy-handed attempt to get Tom Cruise back in the spot light… and it sucked. I feel like we’ve all fallen into the web of a sleazy PR or marketing person. Tom Cruise is a good actor and I think it’s sad that we’re at a point where a respectable actor must subject himself to something like this just because we’ve become super nosey and can’t stay out of famous peoples’ personal lives (says the guy who includes a gossip section in his newsletter).

Bourne brainchild tapped for 4th film
The guy that Universal considered to be the key screenwriter for the first 3 Bourne movies, Tony Gilroy, has been signed to pen the script for a 4th film in the series, tentatively called The Bourne Legacy. The follow up to this news should be interesting. If my memory serves me correctly, Matt Damon not only said that he wouldn’t do a Bourne 4 unless director Paul Greengrass was back, but he also said that Universal was planning a Bourne prequel kind of flick with new, younger actors. And, Greengrass has told the press that he won’t do a Bourne 4… so that would supposedly leave Damon out… and what’s Bourne without Damon? Not a movie I want to see.

Machete response movie being made
(thanks to Miss Sophie of the blue corner for the link)
This is all kinds of confusing to me, but I think I figured it out. There’s a chunk of more right wing-ish people with no sense of humor who are pretty ticked off at the Mexicans kill evil Americans messaging they assume will be included in Machete. Capitalizing on this anger, a European indie studio is working on creating Ocho Loco, a film that seems to flip the roles set up in Machete. In Ocho, the main character will be a decorated American soldier returning from war that presumably fights bad guy Mexicans. The film takes place in an Arizona border town and will be created by some guys named Dietrich and Flavio that live across the pond… not to pee in the pool or anything, but how well do you think these Euro fellows are going to be able to tap into the hostility surrounding the immigration issues at the Arizona border (especially when they are considering shooting the whole thing in Italy)?


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Chris Brown was supposed to set out on a European tour this summer, but the UK has denied him a work visa due to his assault conviction, thus forcing Chris to cancel the tour. Following his rejection, Chris then threw a pity party for himself through Twitter and sent out the message, “U ever feel like the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through?”

Today is Johnny Depp’s birthday. He’s 47!

Ohhhh Lindz…there’s an arrest warrant out for her because the SCRAM went off after the MTV Movie Awards. The bracelet indicated a small amount of alcohol, but she’s claiming she didn’t have a drop.

Lady Gaga went to her younger sister’s graduation in the outfit below. The outfit is not surprising, what’s surprising is thinking of Lady Gaga going to such ordinary things as high school graduation.

This is too good. The Smith family at the Karate Kid Premiere. I am now obsessed with Willow.

The stars of True Blood gathered at the Arclight last night for the premiere of the 3rd season. Alexander Skarsgard brought along girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, but they didn’t pose together because that would be too much.


(Keith really wanted you to see these guys)
These little plastic dudes are pretty darn funny. I would’ve thought they’d be kind of offensive to some folks out there, but I guess they’ve gotten so popular that makers of the toys are in talks with Jim Henson Studios to create an animated series featuring them.

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

Kristin made this dino named Darnell for me at the link below. Hop on over to make your animated dino… it’s fun in a pressing Silly Putty on a fresh page of comics kind of way.

Advertising people getting grumpy about blurring of ad/edit line

April 6th, 2010

Some grumpy industry folks are raising a stink over the increased frequency of ads that “disrupt” editorial. Executions like the one below don’t explicitly violate ASME Guidelines, but nonetheless, there is some push coming from folks within the industry.

Has anyone seen anything indicating consumer reaction to these kinds of ads or cover ads? All of the whining and crying I’ve seen so far has been from industry people who are ticked because this isn’t the way things used to be done. And, I find it funny that they use an ad from Dwell in the article (puppy toilet paper ad below) to illustrate how things are changing. If my memory serves me correctly, Dwell did multiple disruptive ads about 5 years ago for my team when I worked on Land Rover. Nothing new here.

And another thing… isn’t it more appealing to a consumer to look at ads that compliment the editorial of a book and are artistically integrated into the magazine than it is to look at random spreads?

Source: AdAge

Grumpy Christian group boycotting GAP

November 13th, 2009

The American Family Association is calling for their Christian army to boycott Gap Inc brands, including Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. The group is ticked off because Gap does not specifically call out Christmas as the be all end all winter holiday in advertising and in-store signage.

I kinda want to go there after work now and buy like 20 scarves or something now. Fuck you Christian group.

via Adweek

TV ads in HD: Does it really matter?

November 2nd, 2009

According to a recent study, consumers are 65% more likely to watch HD programming on a daily basis than they were two years ago (duh). What is really interesting is that the study also found that people are definitely noticing when spots run (or do not run) in HD. And, men are about twice as likely as women to notice when an ad runs in HD. Read the story linked below for more numbers that serve to validate what most of us probably already guessed.

Source: MediaPost

Behind the scenes of the E*Trade baby commercials

October 30th, 2009

This isn’t exactly timely news, but for some reason I was just wondering how they make those wonderfully awesome commercials with the talking babies. Check out the link above for a behind the scenes video.

via The Insider

Family Guy & Windows

October 28th, 2009

Microsoft had committed to be the sole sponsor of a Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein variety show on FOX (airing on 11/8). Well, apparently someone over at Microsoft has never watched Family Guy before and pulled the plug on the sponsorship when they discovered that early cuts of the special included “riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.” A new sponsor will be brought on to anchor the show… and it would be awesome if it was Apple.

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