Xbox update is pretty and expands beyond gaming

December 5th, 2011

Microsoft has released info on the newly prettified Xbox 360 user experience… and it looks pretty cool.

You’ll have to follow the link below for more thorough info, but the down and dirty of the new software is that the interface now looks very similar to the well-reviewed operating system in Microsoft phones, Kinect is integrated throughout so you can Minority Report the shit out of your system, voice search seems to work a lot better now, and they are introducing a TON of apps that expand the use of an Xbox well beyond gaming (same kinda stuff you find on a web-enabled TV or Blu-ray player).

Microsoft has always intended the 360 to be the hub of a family’s ENTIRE home entertainment experience, and this is a move in the right direction. Microsoft is so excited to show you that streaming video is a HUGE part of the Xbox 360 experience that they have even moved around the tabs on the system so that the Video tab comes before the gaming tab.


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