Sketchy Lawyer Billboards

December 5th, 2011

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Vancouver Aquarium… you’re dumb

November 29th, 2011

Check out the video below of Vancouver Aquariums “groundbreaking” stunt in public places. So… I think this is lame and not warranting of a viral video with an inspirational/deep soundtrack (I realize I’m spreading the lameness by posting this…oh well). These flying fish balloon things are available everywhere… they’re not cool anymore… the kiosk guy flying around toy helicopters at the mall trying to suck your children in and empty your wallet has cooler crap than this. Maybe the Aquarium’s agency should’ve considered creating a NEW version of this toy rather than sending some employees down to Toys R Us. Maybe a life size flying Great White? THAT would’ve been cool. Canada has let me down.

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November 11th, 2011

This is rad. The egg is closed most of the day. At 6:30 AM (when McDonald’s starts serving breakfast), it begins to open. The egg then stays open until 10:30 AM (which we all know thanks to the Sunny/Frankenstein incident in Big Daddy is when breakfast service stops).

Why can’t their TV ads be this cool?


November 8th, 2011

Mercedes is running a damn cool street ad in Toronto right now. See that blurring in the photo… THAT’S REAL… NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! They did crazy stuff to the fire hydrant, billboard, sidewalk, etc. to create this effect. The execution is promoting a new Mercedes with the tagline “Looks fast. Even in park.” (Jason stands… slow clap ensues)



November 8th, 2011

Across the mighty Atlantic in the land of Spain, crappy parkers came back to their double-parked vehicles to find what appeared to be a parking ticket on their windshield. Once the driver scrolled down a bit, they would see a note informing them that if they were to buy a Smart Car, they could park anywhere and not have to worry about fines anymore.

Kinda cool if these fake tickets tricked the real cops into not giving tickets… but otherwise, this could put Smart’s target in a frantic, pissed off, “I was only parked here for 5 seconds, why’d I get a damn ticket?!” mood right as they’re reading their ad message. I don’t know about you, but I like my target to be happy when they see my message.

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McDonald’s Cross Walk

August 27th, 2010

Executed in Switzerland during the biggest street festival of the year. The restaurant was afraid of independent vendors stealing their customers during the festival…so they took advantage of the fact that streets are closed down during the festival with this very creative placement.

Audi Rotating Billboard

April 7th, 2010

I can’t find any video of this, so I’m making an assumption on how this works. From what I can conclude, the part of the billboard showing terrain is underneath a layer of plexi-glass and physically moves to rotate between the different terrains (kind of like rotating billboards at malls). The car is a sticker placed on top of the plexi-glass that stays stationary to create the illusion that the car is driving over the various terrains. I’m assuming the terrain doesn’t move consistently… probably shows one terrain, sits there a while, and then changes to the next. I think it would be a lot cooler if you could rig it to constantly move… I wonder if you could do that in a mall. That could open up some pretty cool possibilities.

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New Zealand does a better job than America again

December 18th, 2009


This execution is about a year old, but it’s so genius that I felt the need to share it anyway. To promote the airing of Knocked Up on New Zealand’s Sky TV, their agency put a model of a human egg filled with fish food inside a mall poster stand converted into an aquarium and set a bunch of live tadpoles lose. The result is yet another Kiwi execution for an American film or TV show that far exceeds the quality of what was included in the original US campaign.

Check out a bigger photo and a closeup after the jump:

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He Pisses, He Scores!!

November 13th, 2009

Canadian sports radio station, AM640, wanted to promote its live commentary of ice hockey games. To show fans how exciting audio can be it installed a poster over a urinal at the arena where the Toronto Maple Leafs play, providing commentary of the person doing their business. The announcer commentary is a little lame but chock full of some funny-ish double entendres about the fellow taking a whiz. Check out the video above.

via CMDGlobal

“The publishing house with flies”

November 2nd, 2009


To promote their booth at the recent Frankfurt book show, book publisher Eichborn came up with a stunt that ties into their company’s slogan “the publishing house with flies” (the original slogan is in German… I’m guessing something is lost in the translation to English). The publishers took 200 house flies and hooked little red banners with their logo and booth number to the flies using a natural wax. The flies then flew throughout the book fair, carrying the little banners behind them. The company claims that the wax used on the flies would not harm the animals and that the banners would naturally fall off within a couple of hours.

Check out the video after the jump:

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