The World’s Fastest Nudist

October 30th, 2009

Last month, videos started popping up on YouTube of a man wearing little more than a strategically placed fanny pack running through New York. He called himself “The World’s Fastest Nudist” and no one knew why he was doing what he was doing or who he really was. Well now we know. In the most recent video entry in the WFN saga, the in-the-buff runner is ambushed by a group of employees that jump out of a van and clothe the naked man with items found at People seem to be associating the reveal at the end of a viral campaign with being tricked and are likening it to something like the Balloon Boy hoax… if this kind of association continues, I would imagine viral campaigns might not give the positive lift to a brand image that the marketers are going for.

Source: Gothamist

ABC cancels V skywriting campaign

October 28th, 2009

Due some a-hole writer’s Washington Post story about how ABC parent company, Disney, needs to pollute less, ABC has canceled their plans to skywrite giant red “V”s over 26 major US landmarks to promote the premiere of their sci-fi remake, V. According to the a-hole writer, the planned campaign would have used an estimated 400 gallons of fuel.

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