Jason’s Dose for 7.7

July 7th, 2010


IMAX raked in some cash in Q2 with a 37% YOY increase


While Q2 was less than glorious for the general movie biz in Q2, IMAX saw some lovely numbers. The purveyor of gigantic screened movies (and sometimes only slightly bigger movie screens… like in Century City… you’re not fooling me punks) saw a worldwide box office jump from $84.2M in 2009 to $115M in 2010.

Universities now required to fight piracy


Thanks to a provision built into an act passed back in 2008, universities receiving Title IV funding from the federal government are now required to actively seek out and prevent piracy on their campuses. Under the new rule, schools must take steps to stop piracy and must provide an alternative way for students to legally download media (i.e. iTunes).

Percy and Hot Tub win the week!


Due to the awesomeness of the media/marketing teams working on their campaigns, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Hot Tub Time Machine took the #1 and #2 spots on the charts for DVD sales, Blu-ray sales, and rentals. The Crazies (which is a pretty good flick) came in third on the sales charts and 5th on the rental list.


Hot in Cleveland already renewed for sophomore season


TV Land is jumping all over their hit new sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, ordering a 20-episode second season after only 3 episodes have aired. The second season will tentatively hit the airwaves in January of 2011.

Skeet Ulrich signs on for Law & Order: LA


Skeet Ulrich (the killer from Scream) has become the first actor to fill one of the lead roles in the new Law & Order spin-off. Ulrich will join the cast as Detective Rex Winters, a rugged former Marine whose policing style was shaped by his experiences during the Rodney King riots.

Syfy locks in David Strathairn for Alphas pilot


Academy Award nominee David Strathairn has signed on to star as the lead in Syfy’s new action-adventure pilot, Alphas. In the 90-minute pilot, Strathairn will play the lead of a team of ordinary individuals who possess extraordinary mental skills. The pilot has been written by frequent comic book adapter, Zak Penn.

The copycat network strikes again!


Not content with letting any network develop a unique niche, TLC has swooped in to infringe on another network’s territory with the announcement of Super Pooches. This dog show will premiere on 7/21 @ 8p and will go behind the scenes to profile some of the more eclectic world of dog shows (kinda like Toddlers in Tiaras with dogs?). Sorry Animal Planet (and to some extent, Nat Geo), TLC just can’t let you own dog programming anymore.

Peace out Eastwick


ABC has decided to bump the planned airings of the final 2 episodes of the former Mrs. John Stamos’ short-lived series, Eastwick. Rather than burn these final episodes as planned this Saturday (7/10), ABC will air encores of the second episodes of Scoundrels and The Gates in its place (which may end up being ironic, seeing as Gates and Scoundrels have poop ratings and could end seeing a no finale fate similar to Eastwick).


Meredith dropping rate bases for LHJ and Trad Home


Meredith powerhouse Ladies Home Journal and Traditional Home will be seeing double digit declines in their ratebases. The publisher cites rising postage and paper costs as the reason for the ratebase dip. Later this year, each book will test higher newsstand and single-copy prices that will likely go into effect in 2011 to compensate for the decline in circ.

Mag groups band together to fight the evil USPS


The Post Office wants to bump up the cost to mail magazines by 8% to help slow the bleeding created by a country that doesn’t really care about mail any more… as to be expected, groups of magazine folks are banding together to protest the rate hike, claiming that the proposed increase vastly exceeds the amount allowed by law.


I so cannot wait for this movie


Vampires Suck trailer

Weird Al project may come to movies theatres after getting canned by Cartoon Net


Weird Al Yankovic had been working on a live-action film script for Cartoon Network for quite some time. After submitting his 4th draft, Cartoon informed him that they were making a shift in their programming mantra and would no longer be moving forward with any live-action films (but they’re still cool with the very live-action Unnatural History?). Now, Al is sitting on a script that he owns and will be shopping it around for a studio to pick up.

MiB III info leaks


SPOILER: It’s about time travel. Josh Brolin might be playing a young Tommy Lee Jones. There’s a bad guy biker named Yaz who travels back in time to try and kill Tommy Lee Jones as a kid and end the world. Apple stores are time portals and when you shake an iPhone in the clock app, you can time travel. Andy Warhol is an alien and comes to the aid of Will Smith to help save the world. Yoko Ono is also an alien. The end.

Colin Farrell and his comb-over debut in pic from Horrible Bosses


The first set pic from Horrible Bosses has hit the web, showing sometimes pretty boy Colin Farrell in all his comb-over glory. The film stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx and is about a group of employees conspiring to kill their bosses.

Adjustment Bureau bumped from September to March


I was really looking forward to The Adjustment Bureau. While it has a great deal of potential to move into the cheesy sappy girlie stuff and completely ruin the possibly cool supernatural-ish content of the movie, I was holding out hope that it would be more Inception and less The Time Traveler’s Wife. Now, I’m worried. Universal has announced the film is getting bumped from its planned 9/17 release date in favor of a 3/4 release date next year. This reminds me too much of Universal’s last revolving street date flick, The Wolfman… and that didn’t turn out too well.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Did you watch Jake and Vienna and their therapy session with Chris Harrison and get terrified that we put things like this on TV? I did. But I also loved it and I can’t believe I’m saying this but…Team Vienna!


In other reality tv dating show news, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski broke up.

Rumors that Hank Bassett is cheating on his wife, Kendra are starting to spread just as her book Sliding into Home is released.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail. You can watch her plea below. She’s an actress, and I used to think a pretty good one too, so who knows how genuine this is. Either way, she’s not happy about it as evidenced by the wailing… but there have been a few projects she was lined up to work on that are saying they’re willing to wait until she finishes up doing her time. Comeback?

In more LiLo news she may have been giving a certain message to the court on her fingernails. Irrelevant, but I like the tie-dye. Anyway, now reporters are saying she may be getting in trouble for contempt of court saying these words were a direct message to the judge.

Photos of Megan Fox’s secret wedding to Brian Austin Green have been leaked. Clearly she didn’t want to keep it much of a secret.



The creepiest mask ever

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

Jason’s Dose for 6.30

June 30th, 2010


Eclipse breaks midnight record with $30M


The third installment in the Twilight film franchise broke multiple records last night with nationwide sold out midnight and 3AM screenings.

-      First broken record: the film opened on 4,416 screens, besting Iron Man 2’s previous record opening of 4,380.

-      Second broken record: box office totals for midnight and 3AM screenings are at $30MM, breaking the $26.3MM record set by New Moon.

-      Third broken record: Eclipse cracked the $1MM mark on IMAX screens last night, beating the second Transformers IMAX haul of $959K.

For a peek inside the insanity of the Eclipse lines yesterday, check out the link below. I have compiled photos from Dose readers in Century City, Riverside, and way over in New York. It’s some crazy crazy stuff.


RedBox tepidly testing video game rentals


Last weekend, the king of the rental kiosks started testing video game rentals in 3 markets. The discs are available for $2 a night and are currently only available in Austin, Reno, and Wilmington. Nosey financial analysts visited all of the kiosks testing games to get a better idea of the scale of the test and found that there was only an average of 2.8 different titles in each machine and only 3 copies of each of those. The analysts think that RedBox should initiate a much larger test if they truly want to measure the potential success of this initiative.

Fox enlists the power of Zeus to shoot real lightning at the Parthenon to promote Percy Jackson


(thanks to Keith for passing along the news)

To promote the 6/29 BD/DVD release of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Fox shot actual lightning across the sky in Athens Monday morning, illuminating the 2,500 year old Parthenon. I am of course lying… Fox had nothing to do with the lightning (I think), but they really should have.


CW announces premiere dates for Fall


The CW is first out of the gate again this year, announcing premiere dates beginning in early September for their fall shows.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

8:00-9:00 p.m. AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00 p.m. HELLCATS (Series Premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 9

8:00-9:00 p.m. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00 p.m. NIKITA (Series Premiere)

Monday, Sept. 13

8:00-9:00 p.m. 90210 (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00 p.m. GOSSIP GIRL (Season Premiere)

Tuesday, Sept. 14

8:00-9:00 p.m. ONE TREE HILL (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00 p.m. LIFE UNEXPECTED (Season Premiere)

Friday, September 24

8:00-9:00 p.m. SMALLVILLE (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00 p.m. SUPERNATURAL (Season Premiere)

CNN looking at Joy Behar as Larry King replacement


Larry King announced yesterday that he will be departing his primetime CNN talk show after 25 years. While King would like Ryan Seacrest to step in as his replacement, the network reportedly considers Joy Behar the front runner candidate to take over the program. Other possible replacements include America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan and Katie Couric.

USA acquires rights to Modern Family


USA has most likely ponied up a very very large stack of cash to acquire the syndication rights to Modern Family. Starting in Fall 2013, the sitcom will be available for your repeat viewing pleasure on USA.

Fox hits up Myspace to look for kids to hand out Teen Choice Awards and assist their photog


Fox is launching two contests via the Teen Choice Awards Myspace page that will allow teens to be a part of the 2010 awards show on 8/9. The first contest asks teens to send in a photo of them in their “coolest summer outfit” for a chance to hand out the surfboard trophies to the celebs at the awards ceremony. The second contest gives teens the chance to assist the official red carpet photographer on awards night.

Breakout Kings: Fox’s trash is A&E’s treasure


Breakout Kings was greenlit for a pilot by Fox earlier this year, but the network eventually decided to pass when they had no room for it in their 2010/2011 upfront schedule (thanks to Lie to Me and Human Target). The show’s pilot was created by the guy’s behind Prison Break and was pretty much universally loved by industry people. Well, now it has a new home. A&E has locked in 13 one-hour episodes of the series, set to launch sometime next year.


Playboy reducing headcount to aid in transition to brand management company


In order to curb losses through Q1, Playboy made cuts and reductions throughout their company. Well, the trend is going to continue. The CEO of the company has told the press that they will be transitioning the company to a more brand management role, focusing on building/protecting the Playboy brand and creating its content. As a result of this transition, they will continue to streamline their current business… meaning an unknown amount of jobs will be eliminated very shortly.


Forever 21’s Times Square reality gets augmented


(thanks to Miss Jeanette Trang and Miss Stephy Lui for the link)

Above the retailer’s new Times Square store, Forever 21 has installed a digital billboard that uses augmented reality to create the illusion of giant models interacting with the huge crowds piled up in front of the cool new board. As different models show up on the screen, they do things like taking a Polaroid photo of the crowd and picking up one of the crowd members and tossing him/her into her purse. The techno wizards behind the board have promised that this is only the beginning for this board; they will be adding new things to the unit as they increase the quality of the technology installed on it.


Multiple masks in Scream 4?


Multiple sources have come out suggesting that there will be more than one variation of the classic Ghostface mask in the upcoming 4th Scream film. Wes Craven posted a pic on Twitter showing his cat next to the original Scream mask and two new ones… a Zombie version and a Scarecrow version. The creator of the original mask, RJ Torbert, also posted on Twitter that he has delivered a second mask to the filmmakers. I’m hoping that this is either someone working on the film trying to seed fake plot lines to throw people off or that these masks will only be used for comic effect in the movie to show how obsessed Woodsboro (Sydney’s home town) has become over Ghostface. That Scarecrow one is straight up stupid.

Paranormal Activity 2 trailer

The first teaser trailer for the sequel to Paranormal Activity is being shown in front of the latest Twilight flick. From watching it, you still have no idea what it’s about, but it looks pretty cool. When you watch the trailer, take a look at the mirror in the bedroom at the end of the trailer… there’s something cool going on.

There are a few other clues in the trailer (which seems to be Paramount’s new trend)… one of which is so hidden that you actually can’t even see it unless you go to the film’s official website and watch the entire trailer on their actual site. When you do that, look to the mirror again at the very very very end of the trailer. For a rundown of the hidden clues in the trailer, check out this link:


Rango trailer

Final Destination 5 gets a new title


The 5th flick in the Final Destination franchise will be called… 5INAL DESTINATION. LAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

LOLZ of the Day: New Old Spice.

Madonna’s 13 year old daughter, Lola, has entered blog world with her take on fashion and everything she thinks is fabulous (which apparently includes the band My Chemical Romance). I read the first post and I thought it was painful, which is actually saying a lot because I’m usually (always) a fan of everything Justin Bieber-ish. Though she did use the word “obsessivo” which I’m still undecided about.

iPads solve crime! Will.i.am’s Bentley was burglarized while parked in the Hollywood Hills earlier this week and the culprit made off with $10,000 worth of property including his iPad. But the iPad is awesome and has a built in tracking system that helped Will.i.am locate the thief.

Fresh off her split from the Bachelor, Vienna Giasomething is taking her next step in grabbing every second of “fame” she can. And she’s doing it the classy way… posing for Playboy of course.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck celebrated their 5 year anniversary yesterday. 5 years is a big deal in celeb years.

Zoe Saldana is engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton.

Pretty face, fugly dress. Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel at the Eclipse premiere in Belgium.


More piggies in rain boots!



This adorable shot is of Moxie’s Monica Leung as a child, riding her trusty Pugasus through a local park. To the stars, Pugasus!

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

Jason’s Dose for 6.28

June 28th, 2010

Send me pictures of you and your Twi-hard crew at the midnight showing of Eclipse on Tuesday night… I want to get a nice gallery of the Eclipse madness for Wednesday’s Dose! THANKS.


Weekend Box Office


  1. Toy Story 3 – $59.3M ($226.9M)
  2. Grown Ups – $40.5M (NEW… I weep for the future of an America that goes to see this horrible piece of poo)
  3. Knight & Day – $20.1M ($27.4M)
  4. The Karate Kid – $15.5M ($135.8M)
  5. The A-Team – $6.2M ($63.0M)
  6. Get Him to the Greek – $3.1M ($54.6M)
  7. Shrek Forever After – $3.1M ($229.5M)
  8. Prince of Persia – $2.8M ($86.2M)
  9. Killers – $1.9M ($43.9M)
  10. Jonah Hex – $1.6M ($9.2M)

Cantor Exchange pull out signals the death of movie stock trading


Despite the fact that multiple groups have given their blessing to the Cantor Exchange, the company has announced that they will no longer be pursuing movie stock trading as part of their business. While they would definitely like to offer people the opportunity to trade stocks for upcoming movies, they have said that a forthcoming Congressional bill will bar the practice. So… looks like that whole thing pretty much dead. (Good riddens… all we need is more greed interjected into the movie industry)


Janeane Garofalo joins Criminal Minds spin-off


CBS has decided to recycle the star of the failed John Wells medical drama pilot for the forthcoming Criminal Minds spin-off. Janeane Garofalo is supposedly close to signing on the dotted line to star in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior as an agent working under Forest Whitaker within the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Might the Criminal Minds behavior trying to replicate the magic of the similarly gothic-ish, tattooed Abby of NCIS?

Fox really wants Good Guys to do well… adds repeat airings to Friday


In a quest to build a fan base for the struggling freshman show, Fox is giving The Good Guys a run of repeat airings on Friday nights @ 9p. As a result of the move, House repeats will be moving to 8p on Friday nights and encore Bones episodes will shift to Thursday night beginning in late August.

ABC Family orders more of the Pretty Little Liars


ABC Family has ordered up 12 additional episodes of the freshman drama, Pretty Little Liars. This move will bring the show’s opening season up to 22 episodes. Seeing as the show was ABC Family’s highest rated series premiere, this boost in the episode count is far from surprising.

NBC locks in some fatty teen girl ratings for 4th of July Spectacular with newly announced guests


This weekend’s 4th of July special on NBC sponsored by Macy’s just guaranteed the tween army will be watching in full force with the announcement of some very teenie bopper friendly (and a huge chunk of Zenith/Moxie employees friendly) guest appearances. Not only will the dreamy Justin Bieber be performing, but the cast of Twilight: Eclipse will also make a special appearance live from the deck of the Norwegian EPIC.

NBC ready for Steve Carell’s departure from The Office


After the upcoming 2010-2011 season of The Office concludes, Steve Carell’s contract will expire. Over the past few months, Steve’s been pretty open about the fact that he doesn’t plan to renew. An NBC official has now shared with the public that there is indeed a contingency plan in place just in case Steve really does choose to bail on the show… the lame part is, no one knows what the contingency plan is. Some think that NBC will cancel the decently rated show in favor of one of the many comedy pilots they picked up during upfront season. Others are quick to point out that The Office is an ensemble show and that the focus of the show could definitely shift to another character.


Rolling Stone boosts circ in the wake of their tougher journalism


Check out the link above for an article examining Rolling Stone’s return to the hard-hitting journalism that made them popular back in the 70’s. The author of the article sees a swarm of things like disappointment in Obama’s first year in office, the oil spill, the financial meltdown, and the on-going battles in the Middle East as the necessary fuel Rolling Stone needed to re-ignite their editorial fire. With their resurgence as a hard-nosed edit machine, the magazine has seen a jump in circulation by around 100K over the past year and a half.


Meat billboard tackles your car with a beefy aroma


(thanks to Miss Stephy Lui for the fragrant link)

For the first half of June, a clever billboard sat alongside a North Carolina freeway. On the surface, the board is another cool looking execution to promote a grocery store’s new beef… the pole holding up the board has been converted to look like a giant fork, holding up an equally giant chunk of steak. But there’s a little something extra that makes this billboard press worthy. The ad agency working for the grocery chain worked with an aromatherapy company to create oil that smells like beef, pepper, and charcoal. The oil was then pumped across the freeway via large fans to fill commuters’ cars with a lovely beefy aroma. PETA got ticked off at this and is saying that they will launch a counter campaign featuring a billboard that emits the “real” smell of the beef industry… blood, urine, and feces. (PETA=lame… do they really thinking blanketing a freeway with pee smell is really going to rally anyone to their cause?)


Confirmed: the last Harry Potter flicks will blow your mind

He flies with a little person… need I say more?

Disney sets date for a movie that needs to be awesome


On Jan 21, 2011 Disney will release a movie about a little girl who moves into a haunted mansion being renovated by her dad and his girlfriend. Sounds lame right? But wait… let me tell you why this movie should theoretically rule. First off, Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce are in it… Guy Pearce is just straight up awesome and, if you’ve seen The Gift, you know Katie Holmes can rock in a thriller as well. Second, it’s produced by Guillermo del Toro. And finally, the little girl in the movie is Bailee Madison… she played Jake Gyllenhaal’s youngest daughter in Brothers… and she freakin rocked. The movie is called Don’t be Afraid of the Dark… and now that I have thoroughly convinced you it will rock, please add it to your calendar so that you will not forget to go see it in 6 months.

Bruckheimer looking to make a Top Gun sequel


Why? Sorry for being completely sacrilegious here but… I don’t get why the first one was such a big deal.

Tommy Lee Jones locks in Captain America role and Alice Eve circles an X-Men role


Marvel has confirmed that Tommy Lee Jones has signed on to play Colonel Phillips in the upcoming Captain America flick. And elsewhere in the Marvel universe, rumors are flying around the Alice Eve (the supposedly “perfect” girl in She’s Out of My League) is closed to being cast for the role of Emma Frost in X-Men Origins: First Class.

Rango teaser poster


Paramount has released a teaser poster (catch the homage to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?) for the animated flick called Rango. Rango will be brought to you courtesy of Gore Verbinski and will star Johnny Depp in the title role as a chameleon going through an identity crisis. Starring alongside the Depp will be Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Timothy Olyphant, Ray Winstone and Bill Nighy. Rango hits theaters March 4, 2011.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ divorce is now finalized. The papers were signed last week and now Sandra is ready to complete a single parent adoption.

Landon Donovan of the U.S. soccer team faced news of a possible love child with a British woman today. He is currently separated from his wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, but the two are not divorced.

Mel Gibson’s baby mama claims he hasn’t been paying child support for their daughter Lucia. Although she was deemed the violent one first when stories about her shaking Lucia spread, Mel is now the one taking the heat. She claims he punched her in the face twice, breaking her teeth, and giving her a concussion.

At the BET Awards, Chris Brown broke down and cried while he gave a tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson. But the question is, was it genuine? And why did they choose Chris Brown to give the tribute?

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have a little photo shoot in Teen Vogue this month that is almost as uncomfortable as the fact that they’re no longer dating.



Kristin’s Dino of the Day

(1) i do not like the flying ones (2) in what situation would you ever need this costume

Jason’s Dose for 6.25

June 25th, 2010


Sony said to be working to bring pay Hulu to PS3


Talks are being had between the two companies to integrate the forthcoming pay Hulu Plus initiative on to the Playstation 3. Xbox 360 always has stuff like this first (look at Netflix). The fact that Microsoft isn’t vying for exclusivity on this seems like further evidence that a paid Hulu is a bad idea.

Levi’s helps “distressed” town in their new campaign


Braddock, PA is in the economic pooper and has been steadily sinking more and more into the pooper for decades. Levi’s has decided to team up with the town in a partnership that should prove beneficial to both parties. In the second year of their “Go Forth” campaign, Levi’s will feature the hard-working folks of Braddock in their creative and will donate over $1 million to various projects to rebuild the city. I love campaigns like this… people are smart and I feel like advertisers throw so much cash around to talk to them… we might as well give people the opportunity to do something new or better than what they’re used to in the process.


Hoff Roast and Big Lake on Comedy bumped later in August


Comedy Central has bumped a special and a new series from the beginning of August to later in the month. This year’s installment of celebrity roasts featuring David Hasselhoff (doesn’t that seem a little too easy to be really funny) will premiere on Sunday 8/15 @ 10p (previously scheduled for 8/1). The new comedy series from Will Ferrell’s production company called Big Lake has been pushed back from 8/3 to a new premiere date of 8/17 @ 10p.

Lead actress leaving new NBC show


Jordan Spiro was set to be one of two top-billed females in the NBC series created by the Sex & the City lady called Love Bites. Now, NBC will have to recast her role. Jordan Spiro is a cast member on TBS’ My Boys… and while there’s not a huge chance My Boys will get picked up for another season, NBC doesn’t want to risk it. As a result, Spiro gets kicked to the curb.

A VH1 office competition reality series that I want to be on


VH1 has picked up the pilot for a reality competition series called Office Bonus that takes place in… an office! Each week, a group of cubicle slaves will be locked in their office for 72 hours straight. During that time, they will have to convince co-workers to vote for them. At the end of the 3 days, the worker with the most votes wins $50K. The show is produced by JD Roth… who I frickin love… I really hope he’s hosting or something.

TV Land looking to George Hamilton for real life Two and a Half Men


The leathery aging actor known as George Hamilton is developing a reality series with TV Land that is being described as a real life Two and a Half Men. George and his grown son are perpetual bachelors that were forced to start acting like grown-ups when George’s 10-year old son came to LA to live with them. The series will follow the trio around as they try and adapt to their crazy new living situation.

TLC auditioning for new Cake Boss competition show


TLC has launched a search for contestants to compete for a chance to win their very own cake shop. The series will have the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, judge 10 aspiring cake makers as they complete weekly challenges. According to the application for the show, it won’t be taping until Q3/Q4 of next year… but I’m assuming that that’s a typo and it will really film in the next few months. (I don’t think my sister and I are quite ready for a competition like this, but we’re getting there).


Odd Magazine: made by students


Students minoring in magazine at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute have put together a 200 page publication they are calling Odd Magazine. Promoting the book’s release next week, the students have executed a web campaign, a viral scavenger hunt, and will hold a launch party. I can only imagine the passion that comes through in a magazine created by students… I hope this kind of movement catches on stateside.


Dinosaur Meat


(thanks to Miss Hogan for the tip)

To promote a refrigerator that keeps food fresh for a really really long time, Bosch placed large packages of dinosaur meat amongst the normal meat at a grocery store. The dino meat was accompanied by announcements over store loudspeakers that told shoppers to check out the special deal on Mammoth steak or Raptor leg over in the butcher section.


Paranormal 2 teaser in front of Eclipse?


According to blogger sources, a teaser trailer for the sequel to Paranormal Activity will premiere next week in front of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. No word yet on who’s in the movie or what it’s about… but it sure does make me nervous that they’re cranking out what will probably be a needless sequel so quickly.

Peter Jackson back in the lead for The Hobbit directing gig?


Supposedly, early rumors that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp would be on board to helm The Hobbit were kinda wrong. It now sounds like Peter Jackson’s people were able to clear out enough of his schedule to allow him time to direct The Hobbit. No official word yet, but, if Nikki Finke’s sources are true, there will be confirmation soon. For a very length summary of this whole crazy Hobbit process, check out the link above.

Michael Fassbender picks X-Men over Spidey


According to interweb reports, Michael Fassbender was being courted by both Sony and Fox for villain roles in their upcoming youngster superhero flicks. Supposedly, Fassbender has now turned down the villain role in the Spiderman reboot and will instead play a young Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

First trailer for Little Fockers

Just kind of blah… although I am helplessly drawn to any movie with a Christmas theme.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

LOLZ of the Day : Bristol Palin trying to act.

Apparently, spray tans are another reason Lindsay is using for making her SCRAM bracelet go off.

While the Olsen Twins may be richer than some small countries, their dad just had to declare bankruptcy. Daddy Olsen’s home is in foreclosure and it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting any assistance from his daughters.

Tori Spelling is nuts. She has recently come out to say Farah Fawcett contacted her from the afterlife to deliver messages to Redmond (Fawcett’s son) and family with very specific call outs. The incident occurred over the phone with TV psychic, John Edward.

Tiger and Elin are reportedly close to a $750 million divorce settlement.

Eclipse premiere.

Kim Kardashian felt it necessary to share a pic of her getting her butt measured on her blog and then ask if we were all in suspense as to why.



Headphone Hoodie


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most awesome. The hooded sweatshirt below has earbud headphones built into the dumb string things that nobody ever uses. The headphones then lead to a normal headphone plug inside one of pockets. And, the whole thing is washable.

Jason’s Dose for 6.23

June 23rd, 2010


Oscars moving to January?!


According to Nikki Finke’s sources, meetings being had about the possibility of moving the Oscar ceremony currently scheduled for February 2011 up to January. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it would screw up a whole lot of things. Would the studios move all of their Oscar bait movies out of the last week of December and into November? Does this totally invalidate the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Spirit Awards… all of which would now take place after the Oscars? I’m totally down for this decision; I just wish they would wait until 2012 so that everyone would have time to adjust.

3D is dying


A Wall Street research firm is using Toy Story 3 as evidence that 3D is a trend that has reached its peak. Last March, 68% of opening weekend box office for How to Train Your Dragon was generated by 3D ticket sales. When Shrek 4 opened in May, 3D only made up 61% of opening weekend box. Skeptics may be able to chalk the Shrek number up to weak reviews, but then there’s Toy Story 3. Despite the fact that Toy Story 3 got super stellar reviews, 3D only represented 60% of opening weekend box office. So why is this happening? The research folks in question think that a combination of crazy high 3D ticket prices and a handful of bad 3D movies (thanks Warner Bros) are soiling the experience, making thrifty parents think that it’s just not worth it to see a movie in 3D. (I don’t know how things went at your local theatre this weekend when you saw Toy Story 3, but I sat in line for an hour to see the movie in 2D. I could have been totally blind, but, despite the fact that there were way more 3D showings than 2D showings at this theatre, I didn’t really see any big lines of people waiting for 3D.)

Advertising group coughs up $10 million to help make family-friendly programming


The Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA) has just contributed $10 million to a fund to sponsor the development of family-friendly programming. You may remember hearing the name of this group a few months ago… they’re the group that Wal-mart and P&G belong to and helped to launch two Saturday evening movies on NBC targeting families. In the past, the group was also responsible for the creation of shows like Gilmore Girls, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, and Everybody Hates Chris.

WWE and YouTube team up


World Wrestling Entertainment and YouTube have announced a multi-year deal that will bring full episodes of Smackdown, NXT (isn’t that show cancelled?), Superstars, and ECW (also cancelled) to YouTube. So this leaves Monday Night RAW as the only WWE show not being shown in its entirety of the Tube of You. I wonder how quickly these Smackdown and Superstars episodes will go up… will this detract from the huge numbers Syfy is counting on for Smackdown?

Monster announces universal 3D glasses


In case you didn’t know, the whole 3D at home thing is a whole different ballpark than the 3D you see in theaters. For your home 3D viewing, you use 3D glasses that require being turned on and off called active shutter lenses. The exact specs on these more complex lenses can vary between different TV manufacturers. Monster has announced that they will shortly begin selling active shuttering 3D glasses that can be used on 3D TV sets from any manufacturer. And, as you would expect from Monster, they will be crazy expensive. If you want to pick up a pair of these glasses with the necessary transmitter, it will set you back $249.


Power outage forces Jimmy Kimmel to do a webcam episode


Supposedly, some sort of power outage happened at Jimmy Kimmel’s studio yesterday. Rather than cancel the taping, the crafty Kimmel decided to tape the whole episode on his laptop webcam instead. Seems weird that all the electricity is working in the studio except for the cameras… might lead a cynical sort of person to think this is all a BS stunt to create some buzz for the show. Did any of you watch last night? Any thoughts on how it went? Leave a comment down below.


True Blood being shopped to basic cable nets


HBO has confirmed that they are in talks with some basic cable folks about selling rights to True Blood. No deals have been made as of yet, but I would bet very good money that TV Guide Network is foaming at the mouth to pick this one up.

Phineas & Ferb poised to become the next Spongebob


Disney has started implementing plans to merchandise and promote the heck out of their hit kid’s cartoon, Phineas & Ferb. So, that might be a good place to buy some ad inventory if you’re looking to hit a kid demo anytime soon. In addition to the recently added P&F presence at Disney theme parks, you’ll soon be seeing P&F macaroni & cheese, a new merchandising line at pretty much every major retail store, a spin-off cartoon, a TV movie, and a live-action talk show.

Project Runway premiere set for Lifetime


Project Runway will be back on air in just over a month. According to FutonCritic sources, Lifetime will launch the new season of the show on Thursday 7/29 @ 9p. Each episode of the new season will be 90 minutes long and will be followed by a new spin-off program called Austin & Santino. The new 30 minute program will feature two Runway alumni, Austin Scarlett & Santino Rice as they travel cross-country, finding women in need of makeovers.

Jane Lynch appearing on Neighbors From Hell


On the Monday 6/28 episode of TBS’ Neighbors From Hell, Jane Lynch will make a guest appearance as a sex-crazed EPA inspector.


Us Weekly launches multiple brand extension partnerships


(thanks to Miss Peltz for the info)

Like many many magazines out there, Us Weekly has been looking to scrounge up some extra cash through extensions of their brand outside the pages of their magazine. Two such extensions were just announced… the first is a revenue share deal with Rent the Runway (RTR). RTR is a company that lets women rent (rather than buy) the same kind of dresses the celebs wear to award shows. Us will also partner with Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett to launch a workout video featuring Kendra and celeb trainer Nicky Holender.


World Cup final game coming to US theaters


A new deal signed by Cinedigm will bring the 7/11 (my bday!) World Cup game into 15 US movie theaters. The theaters receiving the live broadcast of this final game will include Cinemark and Rave and will include the Rave Los Angeles 18 (the theatre at the Howard Hughes Center formerly called The Bridge).

Non-Stick Skaters


How do you take something boring like non-stick cookware and make it exciting? You build a billboard shaped like your wok with a ramp hidden inside of it. Then, you take a bunch of youngsters dressed in prawn, pork, egg, carrot, and fish costumes and have them rollerblade on the ramp, doing jumps and tricks to simulate the non-stick nature of your cookware.


Charlie Sheen to return to the Major League franchise?!


The makers of the original Major League flick have told reporters that they are working on getting a 3rd Major League film off the ground (there are technically already 3 Major League films… but the 3rd one sucked so much, people kind of pretend it doesn’t exist). In this new 3rd film, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) would return, 20 years older and ready to help a new pitcher make it big. I so very much hope this actually happens. Major League is without a doubt one of the best baseball movies ever made (still not as good as Angels in the Outfield though).

Predators International Trailer

This movie looks more and more and more marvelous every time something new is released. I couldn’t get a decent screen grab of the trippy looking dinosaur things that are chasing them in the trailer. It’s worth watching this trailer if only to see those cool little guys.

Hanson covers Furry Walls


The now grown up Hanson brothers (one of which now kinda looks like a Hanson sister) have recorded a cover of Infant Sorrow’s closing track from Get Him to the Greek. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Infant Sorrow is a fictitious band fronted by Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand in both Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek).

Harry Potter set to star in All Quiet on the Western Front remake


With a post Harry Potter world rapidly approaching, the chosen one must plan out his next moves. It looks like the next big step for Daniel Radcliffe will be a remake of the 1930 Best Picture winner (and it was also a book I guess), All Quiet on the Western Front. Radcliffe’s next commitment is a starring role in the Broadway production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. With that show in the way, All Quiet won’t be able to begin shooting until spring 2012.

New Piranha 3D poster


I cannot wait for this movie. I feel like they’re going to use 3D for the fun, in your face kind of ridiculous 3D that I miss so much from the 80’s.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Yay America. We rule.

Harry Potter didn’t know who Justin Bieber was until two weeks ago when he first heard him sing and said that he “genuinely thought it was a woman singing.”

Lie of the day from Lindsay Lohan

Last night on Bravo’s photography show, Double Exposure, Lindsay was supposed to be featured doing a shoot for her leggings line. But the show closed with everyone waiting for her to show up for her call time. Lindz is now ticked off and claiming she was set up by Bravo.

Katy Perry suffered a mysterious dance floor injury after the MuchMusic Video Awards and had to get 17 stitches.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi who had a traditional American courtship on national television ended their engagement after only 3 months. Somehow not surprised.

Gravity > Lady Gaga


While walking through Heathrow the other day, Lady Gaga suffered for the art of her outfit and ate it in front of a huge crowd (probably because she was walking in ridiculous 7 inch platform things).

Jennifer Garner is denying pregnancy rumors, but this pic may show otherwise.


Fake friendzzz (I hope).



Scattered Images


Rob Birze created the images you see below (and many many more posted on his flickr page linked above) by taking somewhere between 9 and 300 images of a scene and then creating somewhat of a huge digital puzzle out of the images. I tried to do something like this before in Times Square… didn’t turn out too well.

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

Jason’s Dose for 6.21

June 21st, 2010


Weekend Box Office


  1. Toy Story 3 – $110.3M (NEW… and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G)
  2. The Karate Kid – $ 29.9M ($107.1M)
  3. The A-Team – $14.4M ($50.4M)
  4. Get Him to the Greek – $6.1M ($47.8M)
  5. Shrek Forever After – $5.6M ($223.1M)
  6. Prince of Persia – $5.6M ($80.8M)
  7. Jonah Hex – $5.4M (NEW… and ouch)
  8. Killers – $5.0M ($39.3M)
  9. Iron Man 2 – $2.9M ($304.2M)
  10. Marmaduke – $2.5M ($27.7M)

NFL broadcast upfronts likely to wrap by week’s end


Auto manufacturers are coming back strong in 2010/2011… so much so that the upfront marketplaces for NFL and College Football could wrap by the end of this week. NBC is already done with their NFL upfront (selling more than 80% of their inventory), ESPN kind of sounds like they might be done, and CBS predicts that they will be 75%-80% sold by the end of the week. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the increase in viewership and demand for NFL and college inventory has led to an average 9% jump in pricing for the inventory.

Doner officially loses Mazda


Earlier this morning, a memo was circulated to Doner staff announcing that they had been officially cut from the Mazda review process. The agency has been working on the business since 1997 and created the brand’s tagline, “Zoom Zoom.” This isn’t good for Doner… Mazda represents 20% of their total agency revenue and is, by far, their largest account.

California wants to put ads on your license plate


(thanks to Hef’s buddy, Lori Kessler, for the story)

We all know California’s economy is in the pooper… well, the smarty pants politicians up in Sacramento want to help turn things around by using your license plate as a tiny digital billboard. If the bill ends up passing, our metal plates would be replaced by digital versions. When your car is in motion, it would look like a normal license plate… but, once you stop your car for more than 4 seconds (i.e. at a stop light or parked at a curb), your plate would go into billboard mode. The ads would be sold directly through the DMV. This seems like there are so many hurdles to jump to get this done… drop me a comment with your thoughts on this matter.


Idol auditions kick off next month with expanded age limits


Auditions for the 10th Anniversary season of American Idol will start on 7/17 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. To commemorate this momentous 10 year achievement (and to hopefully turn around the downward ratings trend), the producers of the show have lowered to minimum age to audition from 16 to 15. So now, if you’re between 15 and 28, you can take your shot at being the next Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, or Fantasia Barrino!

Charice joining Glee


International singing sensation, Charice, has officially been added to the cast of Glee next season. The Filipino singer will join the kids of New Directions as a foreign exchange student who gives Rachel (Lea Michelle) a run for her vocal money. Excuse me if I’m alone on this one, but I had never heard of this girl. Apparently, Oprah and Ellen love her and she’s huge in Asia.


True Blood renewed for Season 4!


Only two episodes in to the third season, HBO has already locked in Season 4 of True Blood. Sookie and her entourage of vamps, werewolves, shape shifters, and LaFayette will be back for 12 more episodes next year.

Turner and DirecTV team up for 1st 3D NASCAR broadcast


The Coke Zero 400 being held on 7/3 in Daytona has been announced as the first NASCAR race to be broadcast in 3D. Turner has partnered with DirecTV to show the 3D race on DirecTV’s stereoscopic 3D channel called N3D. The race will also be shown in 3D online via TNT RaceBuddy. To view the online race in 3D, consumers will need a specially-equipped 3D PC or laptop and 3D glasses.

FearNet goes linear 10/1


The horror-centric website & VOD platform known as FearNet will increase its presence in Q4… launching an HD ad-supported linear cable channel. FearNet is currently available in about 28 million homes via Comcast, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse, Insight Communications, Bresnan and Guadalupe Valley Systems (and Time Warner still sucks for dropping it from their lineup last year… I loved that VOD channel).

Mad Men teaser poster released


I don’t watch the show (I know I know… I totally should), but I have read that the poster below alludes to the finale of season 3 where Don Draper bailed on his ad agency to start his own and granted his wife a divorce. It seems they’re going for a whole “starting over” theme here. Click on the image for a higher res shot. (Does this shot remind anyone else of Boiler Room?)


Essence upswing counters category trend


African American magazines took a huge hit last year, with a collective ad page decline around 18% (double the industry average). But, when you look closer within the category, you’ll notice a book that doesn’t seem to fit with the double digit declines of folks like Ebony and Jet (both hovered around a 30% decline last year). During this time period, Essence only saw a decline of -0.3%. And, now that things are rebounding a bit in the print world, the Time Inc African American book is actually seeing increases for each issue ranging from 20%-30%. Essence attributes this category-defying growth to their ability to reach new consumers online and to their expansive list of live events like the Essence Music Festival and Black Women in Music.

Cynical research guys predict magazines to stall for the next 5 years


While MagnaGlobal just raised their previous estimate for overall ad spending in 2010 from +2.4% to +4.2%, the company is giving a sharply contrasting forecast for the future of print over the next half decade. In 2010, the group estimates a decline of 1.6% in print dollars. Growth will return slightly in 2012, with a few years of 0.5% increases. Overall, the compound change in magazine ad spend between 2010 and 2015, is predicted to be -0.3%. While constant is better than a decline, MagnaGlobal believes that other media will continue to grow during this time period, decreasing magazine’s market share from the current 9% to 6.9% in 2015. If any of you print people reading this care to disagree, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of today’s DOSE.


Have you ever been in a Skoda?


… no I have not, and with this annoying ad, I most certainly never will. Over in Italy, car manufacturer Skoda’s ad agency launched the in-theatre campaign pictured below. They printed thick pieces of paper with the car’s cockpit pictured on one side and stuck them on top of every head rest in an auditorium. They also created die-cut gear shifting knob and placed it in every cup holder. The resulting effect was supposed to simulate what it was like to sit inside a Skoda. In my opinion, this is a grossly intrusive execution that reminds me of the super annoying advertising on airline tray tables. I REALLY don’t like ads that are stuck in such a close proximity to a consumer if the consumer doesn’t really have the opportunity to escape that execution or have the opportunity to turn it off. It would just make me feel icky sitting there.


Another version of Toy Story 3 you didn’t see


Back when it looked like Pixar was going to part ways with the Mouse House, Disney started up an in-house studio called Circle 7 (also referred to as Pixaren’t) to pump our direct-to-DVD sequels of some of the earlier Pixar flicks they still had distribution rights to (and consequently, use these pending potentially crappy DVD sequels to freak Pixar out enough to re-sign). The major project to get moving under this studio was Toy Story 3. I had already had heard about an earlier proposed TS3 plot involving Buzz getting recalled to Taiwan, but apparently there was a completely different one in the works as well. This other version had Andy’s mom redecorating the now older (but not college aged) Andy’s room. In the process, she takes the toys to Grandma’s attic… where they meet things like an Indiana Jones-ish sock monkey and a cranky garden gnome. It sounds pretty stupid. Certainly smaller in scale than the real TS3. I’m SOOOOOOO glad Disney and Pixar mended their fences and we got the amazing Toy Story 3 the franchise deserved.

Neill Blomkamp already hired to direct The Hobbit?


This rumor could be squashed by the time you read this, but internet buzz currently suggests that District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp, is close to or has already signed on for the directing job for The Hobbit. This seems like a logical move given Blomkamp’s experience working with Hobbit producer Peter Jackson on District 9 and the because of the love The Hobbit’s core nerd audience has for Blomkamp. We may hear more about this at Comic Con.

Michael Shannon set to terrorize Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush


Michael Shannon (creepy guy in Revolutionary Road and Bug) has signed on to play a dirty cop chasing a bike messenger played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt around New York in Premium Rush. This is a very good thing. I think of these two guys as real actor’s actors. They seem to genuinely respect and love what they do… and this respect comes through wonderfully clear in every role they take on.

3 Glee movies a possibility?


According to evidence dug up by Hollywood Life, all of the regular actors starring in Glee signed a deal with Fox prior to the pilot being shot that locks each and every one of them in for as many as 3 feature length films based on the show. As far as I know, there aren’t any plans for a Glee film yet… but I imagine there will be eventually. Smart move Fox.

Over 600 fans already in line for Eclipse premiere!


The premiere doesn’t take place until Thursday and, unless I’m mistaken, none of these spazzy girls are actually going to get in to the theatre to see the movie… but there are still over 600 people lined up at LA Live, waiting for a chance to see Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner walk past them into the movie theatre.

Toy Story Opening Scene Live-Action Reenactment


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Amanda Bynes announced her retirement from acting at age 24. I didn’t realize she still was acting?

Miley Cyrus hosted the Much MusicVideo Awards last night and was about as good at hosting as she is at singing live. Awkward videos below:


Katherine Heigl’s publicist quit. Probably because she’s a biaatch.

Ron Artest is a rapper now

His new song, “Champions” celebrates the Lakers win. Surprisingly, the song isn’t totally LOL-worthy.

Oh hey America, maybe this is our problem.


Orlando Bloom finally put a ring on it.

Orlando and Miranda Kerr are recently engaged. The two have been dating since 2007 and will have incredibly attractive children.


Kristen and Taylor promoting Eclipse in Sweden.


dub.t.f? Perez at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto.


“Play Me, I’m Yours” is a public art project taking place in New York and London. Starting this morning 60 pianos will be spread across the city in different public areas for anyone to use. I absolutely love the idea.





Threadless reached out to an artist to design a shirt that could help raise money for the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting design has been printed on white tees that are available for $10 each. 100% of that $10 per t-shirt will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network, a 15-year old organization that works to protect and restore the natural resources of the gulf. The frickin’ shirt is already sold out… but I expect they’ll print more shortly… I’m buying one for sure. It’s a cool looking design regardless of where the proceeds are going.

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

The first dork of the Jurassic Period


Jason’s Dose for 6.18

June 18th, 2010


Celebs webisodes… a sign that web videos has hit the bigs?


It appears that the world of web-based videos is somewhat mimicking the path TV took in its early days. When TV first started, it was filled with a bunch of unknown faces. Once the medium started to ramp up into a widespread form of media, movie stars like Jack Benny and Bob Hope ended up snagging these TV gigs. When brands started using webisodes to promote their products, these videos were populated by random, no name actors. Now, people like Adam Carolla, Paula Deen, and a slew of professional athletes have become the stars of these types of videos. I think we all kind of knew web video was kicking booty already… but it’s always nice to see evidence from someone like the NY Times to back up your gut feeling.

NBC affiliates are cool with the Comcast merger


After some back and forth between NBC affiliates and Comcast about sports programming and retransmission negotiations, the affiliates have gotten to a happy place in regards to the forthcoming NBC Universal/Comcast merger. On Monday, the affiliate group will file an official letter of approval and, on the same day, the FCC’s time period allocated for consumers to voice an opinion on the merger will also conclude.


ABC shuffles up summer prime


So here’s the low-down on some new changes to the Alphabet network’s summer schedule. First off, Happy Town has sort of been cancelled again (that’s sort of like killing a zombie). The final 2 episodes of Happy Town will be replaced on Wednesday 6/30 & 7/7 @ 10p by repeats of Castle. Supposedly, Happy Town will rise from the dead yet again and air its final 2 episodes sometime on a Saturday later this summer (they should air the unseen Better off Ted episodes instead). The Forgotten is set to conclude its run on Saturday 7/3 and Eastwick will say goodbye the following Saturday with back-to-back episodes @ 9p. In slightly better news, ABC has put in an order for 8 additional episodes of Primetime: What Would You Do? which are set to premiere beginning Friday 7/9 @ 9p.

NBC Universal buys rights to Rugby World Cup


NBC Universal Sports have signed a deal that will bring the Rugby World Cup to US TV for the first time ever. The deal includes TV and digital rights for the 2011 and 2015 tournaments. 2 games from each tournament will air on NBC with the remaining games being shown on Universal Sports. This move seems to make sense considering rugby’s recent growth in worldwide popularity. Recently, it was announced that the sport would be included in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.


Hot in Cleveland

Did you watch the premiere Wednesday night? What’d you think? Leave me a comment.

ABC Family developing Shadows


ABC Family is working on a show that sounds pretty un-ABC Family-ish. The show is called Shadows and is about Harvard students and faculty involved in a secret organization that trains a new generation of spies.

Celebs sign on for CNN oil spill telethon


Monday night @ 8PM EST/5PM PST, CNN will air a special two-hour Larry King special called Disaster in the Gulf: How Can You Help. Celebrity guests set to attend the special include Cameron Diaz (hmmm I wonder what she’s sorta kinda going there to promote), Justin Bieber, Ted Danson, Alyssa Milano, Ian Somerhalder, Jenny McCarthy, Robert Redford, and Sting.

TLC continues to copy… this time with cupcakes


While I do watch a great deal of the network, TLC’s programming lineup a lot of TLC is a mish mash of shows copied from other networks. Food Network launched Ace of Cakes… TLC followed up with Cake Boss and Ultimate Cake-Off. A&E launched Hoarders… TLC followed with Hoarding: Buried Alive. And they even copy themselves… launching what seems like 20 shows about multiple births and little people. Now, TLC is copying Food Network’s cupcake show, Cupcake Wars. TLC has announced that DC Cupcakes will premiere Friday 7/16 @ 10p with back to back episodes. The announcement says that there are only 6 episodes in the series… that would mean there are only 4 more episodes after 7/16… that sounds odd. Why even bother?

Oh, Sookie

Snoop Dogg admitted a while back that he is a huge fan of True Blood (good man). Now he has teamed up with HBO to release the love song to Miss Sookie Stackhouse below. This is straight up amazing. HBO is really raising the bar with their marketing efforts this time around. I like that they have gotten to a point where they’re comfortable enough in their True Blood skin to poke fun at the show.


Florio flees from Conde Nast


(thanks to Jessie Peltz of The Big Apple for the 4-1-1)

Tom Florio, the long-time publisher of Vogue, has announced that he will be leaving his position to explore other opportunities. In his announcement, Florio said that he was interested in becoming CEO of a company and that the opportunity to do so is not available to him at Conde.

Teen Vogue publisher hole filled


(another lovely story from Miss Peltz)

The musical chairs of Conde Nast have continued. First, a boss at Self left. Then, then Teen Vogue boss moved over to fill the Self job. Now, the associate publisher at Teen Vogue, Sabine Feldmann, has been promoted to VP/publisher.


Volkswagen: Driven by fun


This campaign is rad. What an excellent way to remind grown-ups to have fun.


Twilight New Moon outdoor screenings under the eclipse


Summit has partnered with Moviefone to hold outdoor screenings in 12 markets of the second Twilight flick, New Moon, on the evening of Saturday, 6/26. Cast members are scheduled to appear at the screenings, photobooths will be up for fan usage, and other special activities will take place throughout the night. June 26 was chosen for the screenings because there happens to be a lunar eclipse that night… which is weird… because the next Twilight flick is called Eclipse. Bad news for most of my readers… the screenings aren’t in LA, NY, or Forks (if you know why Forks is important, you either a big nerd or you happen to be my sister, Monica or Kristin). Check out the site linked above for a market list and more info.

Joaquin documentary thing probably going to Magnolia


No deal has been signed yet, but it looks like Casey Affleck is very close to selling the documentary featuring Joaquin Phoenix’s decent into madness to Magnolia Pictures. The screening of the flick (which may or may not be completely staged) last month at WME generated very polarizing reactions from the potential buyers in attendance. The whole thing is supposed to be pretty uncomfortable and very outrageous. (I get Borat kind of vibes from this thing)

Lauren Graham closing in on Scream 4 role


I heard this rumor last week, but there have been a TON of Scream casting rumors circulating lately… so, I figured I’d wait it out. Well, the Lauren Graham joining the cast of Scream 4 rumor has kept going and it sounds like she might be very close to signing on to the flick.

Toy Story meets the PS3

Knight & Day interactive trailer


I’ve sat through interactive trailers before that were just kinda boring (*cough* Iron Man 2 *cough *), but I’ve never seen one where you actually play a game along with the action on the screen. As you watch the supped up version of the Knight & Day trailer, you have to use your mouse and keyboard to punch & shoot the bad guys. If you fail to follow directions and get roughed up by the baddies, your screen gets all bloody and broken and the trailer stops. Being the competitive nerd that I am, I will likely watch this trailer another 4 or 5 times so that I may improve upon my score.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Ahhh it was bound to happen eventually… a paternity suit has been filed against Tiger Woods. Porn star, Devon James (mistress number 15) filed papers in Florida for the judge to determine the paternity of her 9-year-old son.

The Kardashians ladiez are writing a book called “Kardashian Konfidential.” When did they ever keep anything confidential in the first place? It will offer tips on dating, flirting, shopping, and how to be on the front of a tabloid cover weekly.

Lindsay Lohan actually did test negative for booze even though her SCRAM went off. Comeback maybe?

http://www.stereomood.com/ – fun website.

T.Swift was awarded the Hal David Starlight Award which honors up-and-coming songwriters. And even better, John Mayer was the one who presented the award to her. Coincidence? Think not. He had very nice things to say, so obviously they’re dating.

America Ferrera is now engaged to her longtime beau, Ryan Piers Williams.

Engaged Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are taking a break. The two have been engaged since 2008 but at a recent party when Rachel was asked about wedding plans, she pointed to her ringless finger and said no, not yet.


Bev Shots


These guys take different cocktails/beers/wines, put them on a microscope slide, and wait for them to dry out. Once the drink has crystallized, they put the slide under a light microscope with a camera attached. When the light source is polarized, you end up with the amazing colors & patterns you see below. Head on over to their website to check out what your fav drink looks like… they sell different prints ranging from $25 up to $550. Here are my favs:




The Happiest Duck in the World!

(from Kristin Hogan)

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

An Untimely End


65 Million Years Ago, the end of the Cretaceous Period, late one Wednesday afternoon (about 5:37pm), Napoleon kills the very last dinosaur, forever freeing France and the world from their attacks.

Jason’s Dose for 6.16

June 16th, 2010


Paramount & redbox relationship counters the 28 day trend


Paramount has been sifting through the data compiled during a 10-month test with redbox to decide what their next step should be. Coming out of the test, Paramount has decided to extend their contract with the king of the kiosks and will allow redbox to make Paramount new release titles available for rental on the same day they hit shelves for sale. According to Paramount, day-and-date kiosk rentals have had little impact on their DVD sales and they believe that they could potentially boost business a little higher by giving consumers the option to rent a title on street date if they so wish. This, of course, greatly differs from the deals recently signed by Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros that keep new releases out of the kiosks for 28 days after a movie goes on sale.

Will the summer of suck completely change the world of movies?

(thanks to Miss Sophie and Mr Burke for the link)


The last few weeks have been less than desirable for the film industry. When only 2 summer movies have been able to crack $100M so far and the overall Memorial Day box is the lowest it has been in 9 years, film execs start collectively scratching their heads. If people aren’t flocking to see the sequels and reboots currently filling the screens, what do they want to see? According to Nikki Finke, several studios have been setting up meetings with talent agencies to see what original material is out there waiting to get picked up. In many people’s opinion, Inception could end up being a major decider on which path the big daddy studios take in future summers. For all intents and purposes, Inception is a big budget arthouse film… if this original intellectual thriller can pull in big numbers while sequels are fizzling, maybe this could spark a movement away from the world of the sequel and usher in a new age of original films… or maybe not… maybe this discussion of sequels flopping will go away once the third installments of Toy Story and Twilight hit it out of the park…have any thoughts? Drop me a comment at the bottom of today’s Dose.

Macy’s getting smurfed up this holiday season


Macy’s has announced a pretty robust partnership with Sony that will make the stars of The Smurf Movie the official holiday ambassadors for the retail stores… even though the movie won’t be released until next summer. As part of the partnership, you will see an inflatable Smurf in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Smurf plush at Macy’s stores, Smurf shopping bags, print ads, a giant inflatable Smurf outside of Macy’s flagship store in New York, window displays, and a bunch of other smurfy things.


FOX orders UK import game show pilot


FOX has put in an order for a pilot to be shot for a game show called The Money Drop. The series is based on an Endemol UK show called The Million Pound Drop. On the British version, each of the 8 contestants on the show is given a million bucks. Before they can keep the cash, the contestants must answer a series of 8 questions. I’m assuming there’s got to be more to it than that… otherwise; doesn’t that sound a wee bit boring?

Bachelor Pad cast announced


ABC has announced which polarizing personalities from the various seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will call Bachelor Pad home. I don’t know who any of these people are, so you’ll have to click the link above for a full run down. The battle between the 19 residents of Bachelor Pad will be hosted by Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft and will kick off @ 8p on Monday 8/9.


Syfy orders showbiz memorabilia show


It’s like a Syfy exec cracked open my head to find the perfect Jason-friendly show. Starting this November, Syfy is scheduled to air 6 episodes of a reality series about the world of pop culture memorabilia collecting called Hunting Hollywood (only 6?! Let’s go for a full 13 or 20!). The series will be hosted by the guy behind the biggest auction house for Hollywood stuff, Profiles in History. I have no idea if the Edward Scissorhands hands below are actually going to be on the show… but every article about this includes this pic… so I decided to be a follower and also include it.

FX picks up Karate Kid and a trio of Fox flicks


FX has signed on the dotted line to become the lucky cable owner of Karate Kid, The A-Team, Date Night, and Tooth Fairy. All 4 of the flicks will hit FX sometime in 2012 (hopefully before December… because we all know what happens then).

Style doubles down on Jerseylicious sophomore season


When Style’s most-watched freshman series ever returns for a second season this fall, it will be for a 20 episode stretch. This episode count is double the originally scheduled 10 episode season.

Discovery schedules The Colony and Man, Woman, Wild for July


Discovery Channel has announced that The Colony (the reality series about a group of people tasked with rebuilding a society in a post-huge disaster setting) will return for its sophomore season Tuesday 7/27 @ 10p. A new series (that sounds a lot like Man vs. Wild, but with a couple) called Man, Woman, Wild is set to launch Friday 7/16 @ 9p. If anyone remembers, remind me to DVR The Colony… sounds like my kind of show.

Prince to be honored at BET Awards


BET has announced that my fiancée’s favoritest man in the world (besides me of course… and Freddie Mercury), Prince, will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement at this year’s BET Awards. Prince will join the elite group of BET Lifetime Achievement that includes James Brown, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston live from LA on 6/27.


Oprah personally gives O employees $10K and an iPad


O, The Oprah Magazine is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. To thank her staff for all their hard work, Oprah personally handed out checks for $10,000, an iPad, and a personalized leather case to every employee of the magazine.

Businessweek publisher bails for The Week


(thanks to Jess Peltz for the info)

In a move that seems to be indicative of the downward spiral of Businessweek, worldwide publisher Jessica Sibley has announced that she is leaving the book to take a job as US publisher of The Week. Sibley starts her new position on 6/28.


Pepsi may go naked in Argentina


Argentina’s soccer coach, Diego Maradona, has made a promise that he will run naked around Buenos Aires if his team wins the World Cup. In a sign of solidarity, Pepsi has run print ads showing a label-free Pepsi bottle covered in a tag that reads “If the coach goes naked, we will, too. Pepsi promises.” If Argentina ends up winning, Pepsi bottles in Argentina will be sold without labels for one week following the tournament to celebrate the victory.


Airbender moved up a day


The move formerly known as Avatar (The Last Airbender) has had its release date bumped up a day to Thursday 7/1 by Paramount in hopes that the M Night Shyamalan flick can pull in some extra bucks over the long holiday weekend. Best of luck to you little bald boy with the arrow on his head… it’s going to be a tough road to pull in sizable numbers against Team Twilight.

Fraggle script isn’t edgy enough


The director/writer of Hoodwinked, Cory Edwards, has written a script for a film version of one of the bestest shows from my childhood, Fraggle Rock. It sounds like the project is very important to him and he wants nothing more than to respect the show he also apparently loves. Because of his passion for the show, he is pretty ticked off at the Weinstein Brothers for telling him his script wasn’t “edgy” enough. Supposedly, the brothers Weinstein are currently shopping around for a screenwriter to write an edgier version of the flick. Edgy Fraggles? Check out the link above to see what Edwards had to say about the Fraggle ordeal.

The Smurfs trailer has hit the web

I’ll pass… any trailer that has “Wild Thing” in it (that isn’t Major League) sucks

Summit likely wins the Three Musketeers battle


There have been two competing Three Musketeers flicks racing to beat the other into production. It looks like the one over at Summit being shot in 3D and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson will win the battle. According to internet buzz, Warner Bros is putting their Musketeers flick on the backburner, citing the fact that the Summit one is further along in the production process and that they don’t want to be second out of the gate.

New Legend of the Guardians trailer

Despite the fact that this new trailer for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole contains a song that makes any media planner that sat through more than 5 upfront presentations in 2010 cringe, it looks pretty fantastic. The animation is wonderful and it’s about owls… owls with some kind of cool UK accents… I’m so very sold.

I want this poster… why don’t they have that one over at the Fox lot?


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Brian Austin Green may have popped the question again (in tabloid world) to his lady, Megan Fox. Apparently the engagement went down while they were in Hawaii taking pictures of her six pack.

We may be saying bye to a few Jersey Shorers. Sammi, Ronni, Vinny, and Angelina may not have not fully delivered this season and could be getting replaced by a few new guidos.

Chris Klein got pulled over this morning on the 101 for a DUI. He wasn’t just drunk, he was 3x drunk… blowing well over a 0.2.

R.Pattz was on a Jay Leno with his really attractive new hair cut. Love the hair cut. And the suit. Ahh I’m such a traitor to Taylor Lautner who was on the cover of GQ where he dined at Olive Garden with the writer.

Videos here: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/47943285.html#cutid1

Katy Perry post Russel Brand is kind of scary. Here’s her new video for California Girls. Somehow California = Candyland and a bunch of other random, awkward stuff.

Halle Barry and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, make nice for their daughter Nahla on a visit to the happiest place on earth.

Oh my gosh, HI cute kid.


A DeLorean limo… I wonder if they do weddings?

Kristin’s Dino of the Day

Jason’s Dose for 6.14

June 14th, 2010


Weekend Box Office


  1. The Karate Kid – $55.7M (NEW)
  2. The A-Team – $25.7M (NEW)
  3. Shrek Forever After – $15.8M ($210.0M)
  4. Get Him to the Greek – $9.9M ($36.4M)
  5. Killers – $8.0M ($30.3M)
  6. Prince of Persia – $6.5M ($72.2M)
  7. Marmaduke – $6.0M ($22.3M)
  8. Sex and the City 2 – $5.4M ($84.7M)
  9. Iron Man 2 – $4.5M ($299.3M)
  10. Splice – $2.9M ($13.2M)

Best Buy launches mobile apps connecting Theatrical and Home Ent experience


To coincide with the theatrical release of Despicable Me, Best Buy has announced that they will be launching a mobile application called Movie Mode. This new app acts to sync a user’s mobile device to the action going on during a film. That sounds horrible… but it really isn’t. Here’s how it works… first, you use the app to find what theatre around you is playing the movie. When you enter the movie theatre to watch Despicable Me, you turn on the app. The app automatically silences your phone and dims the screen to avoid disturbing other moviegoers. Once the film is over and the credits begin to roll, the app activates and acts as a translation tool for the moviegoer to understand what the little yellow guys talking during the credits called Minions are saying. Later, the app will sync with features on the Blu-ray/DVD and provide bonus content. Best Buy plans to roll out this new app for many other films in the future.

Blockbuster may file for bankruptcy


The once great rental retailer is taking actions that suggest a bankruptcy is a definite possibility for the near future.

Top cable nets pull in 18% increase in ad spend for the 2010/2011 upfront


According to Media Post, top cable nets have completed upfront negotiations and have pulled in around $7.7 billion. This nearly $8 billion haul represents an 18% increase in ad revenue over last year. Reports indicate that buyers were looking at an average of 5%-9% increases in the A18-49 demo across all networks.


Coldplay has a GLEE-ful change of heart


The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, was flat out rejected by Coldplay earlier in season 1 when he asked permission to use their songs in the show. Coldplay has now has a big change of heart. Last week, the band gave Murphy a call and apologized, making their songs available to be covered on the show and giving Murphy permission to use any song in their catalog. What Coldplay song would you love to be covered by the kids of Glee (or their creepy teacher)? I’m thinking maybe Clocks, Fix You, Lost!, Lovers in Japan… Post your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of today’s Dose!

Fox shifts Tucson series finale


The series finale of Sons of Tucson was set to air this coming Sunday (6/20) @ 7:30p. Instead, Fox has announced that the goodbye episode will now air at the beginning of the Sunday prime block at 7p.

Obama talks about oil tomorrow night


President Obama has scheduled a 10-15 minute speech about the oil spill in the Gulf for Tuesday night at 8p EST. Fox has announced that they will run Hell’s Kitchen in its entirety immediately following the speech. Since Fox is usually the hold out in bumping Obama talks and they’ve already given the greenlight, I would assume the other networks will follow suit and announce their plans shortly.

Maura Tierney officially joins The Whole Truth


ABC has announced that Maura Tierney will replace Joely Richardson on the new fall drama from Jerry Bruckheimer called The Whole Truth. In case you are like me and just said “which one was that?”… it’s the one where they show both sides of a legal case, giving each side equal time to state their case. At the end of each episode, the truth will be revealed. (snore)

Tim McGraw hosting country music concert event on ABC


On Wednesday 9/1, Tim McGraw will host the CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock on ABC (that title is annoying in the same way “ESPN on ABC” is annoying). The special will run from 8-11p and will feature performances from pretty much every current country singer I’ve ever heard of.


Breaking Bad locked in for season 4!!


Fresh off last night’s not as cool as I expected but still pretty insane season finale, AMC has announced that Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad has been locked in for a 4th season. And that makes me very happy.

Ghost Hunters renewed for another season


Syfy has announced that Ghost Hunters will be back for another 25 episodes. The 7th season of walking around in the dark fun will kick off in 2011.

Larry King getting replaced next year by some British guy?


TV Guide is reporting that CNN is in talks with Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan, to replace Larry King in the fall. If rumors prove true, Morgan would be inking a 4-year deal with the network. CNN danced around the topic when contacted by reporters.


Scruffy print

I found the ad below in the July issue of Maxim. It’s a double-gatefold… the outside of the ad has some sort of textured clear stuff on it that feels like a guy’s scruffy face. And they did a really good job of keeping the scruffy clear stuff only on the parts of the image where the guy’s facial hair would be. When you flip open the gate fold, the man’s face is clean shaven with no more scruffy clear stuff… thanks to the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor. I like this ad a lot… props to Gillette for having the guts to build intrigue by leaving their brand name off of the front of the gatefold.


Gillette’s Creative Stint Part 2: Hairy Elevator


To promote the Mach 3 razor in Brazil, Gillette’s agency created this elevator covered in a thick layer of fur. The door’s of the elevator are fur free and say “Prefer it this way? 98% of women do too.”


Robert Rodriguez offered Deadpool directing gig


According to multiple sources, Fox’s golden boy, Robert Rodriguez, has been offered the directing job for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine spin-off, Deadpool. Nothings official yet, but I think that’s a pretty great choice. With Ryan Reynolds donning the red mask and the guy responsible for things like Planet Terror and Once Upon a Time in Mexico behind the lens… this has a VERY good shot of being a really fun flick.

Chris Nolan very politically talks down 3D


At a convention this past weekend, Chris Nolan was asked about his thoughts on 3D and how it fits into his filmmaking. Seeing as the wallet feeding Nolan’s big budget projects belongs to the king of 3D conversions, Warner Bros, Nolan gave a very political response to the question. He basically said that Batman 3 shouldn’t be in 3D because the dimming effect of the 3D glasses kills the color of a film… BUT, if audiences still want to see a movie in 3D went Batman 3 rolls around, he’ll have to oblige. I’m thinking that Nolan is crossing his fingers that the current trend of making everything in 3D will be very much dead by the time he’s shot Batman and that he’ll be able to release it in 2D.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead… the remake?


Word on the street is that Mark Gordon (important producer guy) is working to get a remake of the fantastic 1991 flick Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead off the ground. There’s no script or casting or anything yet… but he’s determined to make it happen. I feel like I should be mad at this story… but I’m actually curious how someone would do this… and why anyone would want to.

Don Quixote battle about to occur


A couple months ago, two separate studios decided to battle it out and develop Marilyn Monroe flicks at the same time. A few years ago, two studios ran with Truman Capote movies at the same time. Baz Luhrmann pretty famously had an Alexander the Great project starring Leonardo DiCaprio destroyed because Oliver Stone got his own Alexander flick starring Colin Farrell off the ground first. And now, we may have a similar battle for Don Quixote films. The first, we already knew about. Terry Gilliam is finally getting moving for something like his 4th try to make The Man who Killed Don Quixote. Now, Joel Silver and Warner Bros are supposedly working on their own Quixote flick, but this one will be a Pirates of the Caribbean style adventure. I’m rooting for Gilliam, but derailing the Silver/WB train is a very daunting task. Maybe the two will be different enough to stand on their own.

Guillermo del Toro announcing his next flick at Comic Con


Guillermo del Toro has announced via his blog that he will unveil his next film project at Comic Con. Many are speculating that this next project could likely be a Van Helsing film… but del Toro promises to remain tight-lipped on the subject until next month when the nerd world converges on San Diego.


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Whoa, whoa Situation. Yes – ab man from Jersey Shore was the first of the crew to land a “recording” deal. Here’s a sampling of the wonder.


Brad Pitt finally shaved his billy goat beard.

Turns out Simon Monjack had two children that he was keeping a secret. A laptop in his room revealed emails to two women who wanted money for child support. Files for wire transfers for large amounts of money were also found.

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper dined at the same restaurant as Kate Hudson and Muse’s Matthew Bellamy last night in France. While the two pairs arrived separately, by the end of the night the tables were pushed together.

Jackass star, Bam Margera, was taken to the ICU after being beaten with a bat by a 59 year old women outside his bar in PA.

Hollywood stars were big winners at the Tony’s last night. Catherine Zeta Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Denzel Washington all took home an award.

Snooki and J.Woww are the Hilton sisters new BFFs. Worry.


Assistant Planner translation tool


(from that guy named Keith)

Can’t understand what the heck your 22 year old Assistant Planner is saying when they’re spitting all kinds of acronyms and abbreviations your way (yah…I’m talking about you Kristin & Kristin)? Type their hip cool kid speak into the translation tool above and decipher the madness!

It’s the thought that counts


Check out the link above for more cards in this excellent line of not so nice greeting cards.

Kristin’s Dino of the Day


Kristin Schaal plays Trixie the Triceratops in Toy Story 3… besides just thinking the new dino is super cute, Kristin Hogan would also like to share with you the super cool Triceratops dress that Kristin Schaal wore to the film’s premiere… and that rock around her neck is a meteorite!

Jason’s Dose for 6.11

June 11th, 2010


A lengthy article about the current state of movie marketing


When something like Prince of Persia happens ($200M production budget, $75M marketing budget… only $63M domestic box office), people start pointing fingers. And, in the case of something like Prince of Persia, one of the places those fingers get pointed is at the marketing budget. On the flip side, no one seems to mind when something like Alice in Wonderland spends a comparable amount of money but turns in over $1 billion in global box office receipts. Addressing this marketing spend blame game, Hollywood Reporter has compiled data to take a look at the trend in marketing spend for each of the big studios and how that spend is broken out by media. It’s a good read… nothing super eye-opening or conclusive, but it does give you something to ponder.

NBC wraps upfront dealings… up 20%


Yesterday, NBC became the last of the big daddy broadcast nets to conclude upfront sales. With all said and done, the Peacock net hauled in $2.4 million, up 20% from last year (wow, even without that rockstar Jay Leno @ 10?!). NBC reportedly sold 80% of their inventory during the upfronts at a CPM bumped up an average of 7% since last year.

Sony releasing Cloudy on 3D Blu-ray in a couple weeks


Earlier today, Sony announced that they will be releasing the 3D Blu-ray version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Tuesday 6/22. This will be the first 3D Blu-ray released for individual sale. Until now, 3D titles were only available in a bundle pack with other 3D accessories. MSRP on this bad boy is $39.95. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the quality of Cloudy on Blu-ray is supposed to be rather horrible.


Fox locks in 3rd season of Cleveland


Fox has announced that Seth McFarlane’s The Cleveland Show has been signed for a third season, taking the show through at least 2012.

NBC order pilot for D.L. Hughley game show


Who’s Bluffing Who? is a game show set to be hosted by D.L. Hughley in which each week 7 contestants will use their knowledge and lying skills to try and be the last man standing and win money or prizes or something.

Protestors blackout for Flashforward


(thanks to Sean Reardon for the tip)

To show support for the recently cancelled ABC show Flashforward, fans gathered in select US and European locations to simultaneously “blackout” for 2 minutes and 17 seconds like the characters did on show. The local group of fans decided to blackout in front of ABC’s studios in Burbank… and it was really lame. About 20 people showed up and just kinda laid down on the ground… and they did this whole thing yesterday… not only weeks after the ABC schedule was already finished for Fall, but even after ABC had wrapped all their upfront business deals. Way to go… really thought that one through.

New Fox comedy gets recast


Fox has announced that role played by Alexandra Brekenridge in the pilot for Mixed Signals will now be played by Aya Cash. Cash doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff on her TV resume… highlights include appearances on all 3 Law & Order shows and Brotherhood. My guess is that this recasting had to happen because Brekenridge happens to play Shiri Appleby’s sister, Abby, on Life UneXpected… and I’m guessing Miss Brekenridge wasn’t really expecting LUX to get picked up for another season.


Burn Notice & Royal Pains extended for longest season yet


USA has announced that both Royal Pains and Burn Notice will tack on an extra 2 episodes to their current 16 episodes season, bringing the total for each show up to 18 episodes. The first 12 episodes will run until 8/26 and the remaining 6 will air this winter. USA has also decided to trim down In Plain Sight to 13 episodes, citing the recent medical leave taken by the show’s producer/showrunner as the reason for the decrease in episodes.

TV Land announces a boat load of guest stars for Hot in Cleveland


Hot in Cleveland is TV Land’s first stab at a scripted comedy and will star Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, and Betty White. In addition to those lovely ladies, TV Land has announced that Wayne “ah ah ah” Knight (that one’s for you Baker), Carl Reiner, John Schneider, Huey Lewis, Susan Lucci, and a few people I haven’t heard of will be making appearances in the show’s freshman series.

HBO marketing exec “apologizes” for over the top True Blood promotions


A guy who may or may not actually be an HBO marketing exec (I can’t decide if this is really from HBO or not) posted the following video to apologize for some of the more over the top ideas they tried to market True Blood (this is funny stuff).


Best Buy and Future US join forces for new gaming magazine


Best Buy has called upon the gaming expertise of Future US to help them put out a new gaming magazine called @Gamer. The new book will come out 10 times a year and will be able to purchase at Best Buy stores for $5.99 a copy. Gaming fans can also sign up for annual subscriptions for $19.99. Subscribers who also sign up for Best Buy’s Reward Zone will be able to get special deals on hardware and games at Best Buy.


Italy plugs The Hole


To promote the Italian release of Joe Dante’s (Gremlins, Eerie Indiana, Matinee) The Hole in 3D (think live action Coraline with a bit of Little Monsters), the studio’s agency launched a multi-platform viral campaign… but I only really care about the cool outdoor execution involved in that campaign. In the film, a pair of brothers climb into a hole they find in their new house… once inside, they are confronted with their worst nightmares. To convey this climbing in a hole message, the agency stuck stickers that looked like a big hole on floors and walls and then placed fake legs on top of them to make it look like someone was climbing into a big hole. The result would definitely catch me off guard… just seeing it in a photo was enough for me to go to the website and look up the trailer for the flick.


Lea Michelle signed for animated Oz flick


Some company called Summertime Entertainment is somehow working some major magic pulling in such stars as Oliver Platt, Hugh Dancy, Jim Belushi, Patrick Stewart, Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, and Martin Short for their new animated musical Wizard of Oz project called Dorothy of Oz. The icing on their miracle cake is the newest addition to the cast, Glee’s Lea Michelle playing Dorothy. Assuming this animation doesn’t suck horribly, this has a very serious chance of being amazing.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is now OFFICIALLY 2 movies


Summit Entertainment has confirmed what I already assumed was a fact… the 4th book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, will be broken up into 2 separate movies. The first Dawn flick will hit theatres in November 2011 with the next coming out the following year. I’m curious what they are going to call these… will they make a new name for the second one? Will they be Breaking Dawn 1 & Breaking Dawn 2? If you happen to have any thoughts on the matter, scroll on down to the bottom of the post and leave me a comment… comments make me feel special.

Taken sequel might really happen


During a chat with MTV to promote A-Team, Liam Neeson shared that he is meeting with Taken producer & writer Luc Besson later this month to discuss a possible plot for a sequel to Taken. I’m OK with this… if you watch the clip, you can tell that Neeson doesn’t want to do this unless it really makes sense. Hopefully, this will ensure that we won’t have a needless fluffy piece of poo sequel to a great movie needlessly hitting theatres.

First trailer for Disney’s Tangled hits the web

This looks WAY too Shrek-ish for my liking. They even have a Smashmouth type of song in the preview.

Kick Ass and Charlie Bartlett added to Spiderman short list


Although there’s been speculation that Jamie Bell already has the role, folks are claiming that the star of Kick Ass, Aaron Johnson, and the star of Star Trek and Charlie Bartlett, Anton Yelchin, have been added to the shortlist of potential replacements for Tobey Maguire in the new Spiderman. (Personally, I like Jamie Bell better than either of these picks for Spidey… Johnson kinda already played this role in Kick Ass and Yelchin just feels wrong)


by Miss Kristin Haugen

Dina Manzo, a cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, may be quitting the series entirely. She’s the one with the creepy looking cat thing. Anyways, she’s finally fed up with Danielle Staub and her insanity (bringing a crew of ex-convicts to a charity event as “protection”) and is ready to move on from the show.

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger might be getting married… or they might not be… I’m guessing the latter.

Lindsay Lohan needs a new assistant because her last one just quit. Assistant for what? Sleeping? Not working? Not “drinking?”

Jennifer Aniston has a new man (maybe). She’s been on a few dates with Jason Sudeikis of SNL and 30 Rock.

Oh my goodness a buffalo dog! This show is too terrifying. I didn’t even know hobbies like this could or should exist.

First, January Jones was caught doing the walk of shame after getting out of a cab with dishelved hair and a dress from the night before. Now, the Mad Men star allegedly hit three parked cars last night with her Range Rover and fled the scene of the accident. She eventually returned and claimed she originally fled because the paparazzi were trailing her.

T.Swifty lost to Carrie Underwood at the CMT Awards last night, but definitely beat her on the red carpet.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the sunshine! :)


Crafty creative fella makes some Disney magic


This guy named Joel is my hero. Using a little Photoshop and some homemade cardboard cutouts, he made the photos below. And here’s what he had to say about himself: “I don’t think I’ll ever see myself as an adult. Sure I have the responsibilities and the attachments but inside, I just feel like…me. I have fun when I want to have fun, I ride my bike, I paint and get messy, I watch cartoons if it’s something I like and I’m totally happy with how I am.”

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